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2008 RX350 bumpy/shaky ride

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Hi All,

I just bought my first car , used 2008 RX350 sport luxury with 120000km on it from dealer. I don’t really know what to except but I find the ride is very bumpy and shaky especially for back seaters. 

I went to dealer mechanic and he said this is normal. I might probably need 2nd opinion.

I am thinking of changing shocks to improve. But not very sure it will fix the issue.

Any one has similar issues? 120k kms time to replace shocks?

How are the replacement costs like? I except it won’t be less than $1k :(



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Suggest you take your vehicle to at least TWO suspension specialists for inspection & report. I purchased my 2008 RX350 Sports Luxury 2 months ago also with 128K on the clock.  My trusted mechanic advised the rear shockies dust covers were CUT, not split, and recommended replacement as dust covers are unavailable. He recommended Sachs which are standard fit on most Euro vehicles, for a total cost including labour @ $120/hour of about $900.  Do not buy genuine - way overpriced!  I'm almost certain the Sachs were:

Rear Right: SACHS 312 901, Rear Left: SACHS 312 902 - CHECK FIRST with reputable suspension specialist.

HINT: 2008 RX350s have the same engine (2-GRFE) as the 2008 Toyota Aurion XV40.  However, Toyota dealers are not permitted to sell spares that are to be used on a Lexus.  My wife's car is a 2008 Aurion :whistling:.

RX350 Service Parts:

FILTERS: Oil Filter RYCO R2648P, Air Filter RYCO A1491, Cabin Air RYCO RCA152C, Transmission Filter Kit RYCO RTK87.

DISC PADS: Front: BENDIX DB1517, Rear: BENDIX DB1518

DRIVE V-BELT: TOYOTA Part No. 99367C2090 (approx $90 from a Toyota dealer)  OR  BOSCH 7PK2090 ( CHECK FIRST before purchase to confirm - approx $55).

Good luck mate. You can also make some good buys on e-Bay!







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did your mechanic confrim those shocks are oem/factory shocks?

being a sportsluxury it shouldnt be bumpy at all it should be like riding on a sponge

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Agree with ilv4000s. My mechanic is German, BMW trained so is up-to-date with all modern technology. He's not cheap but he is good. Sachs are among the best you can buy!

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Thanks bucephalus for very detail info. I have not yet checked with other mechanic.

I deflated the tires and made sure all are 31psi. The ride quality seems to have improved abit. Will try with this and see if its acceptable. I dont wanna spend $1k at this point for shocks. probably later :)

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