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Ive had a background noise ever since picking up my 2011 IS350 3 months ago.

It is there under light throttle. ie. moving in traffic on and off accel.

Can be heard a bit  when cruising at 100kph.

Sound like an injector but Im not sure.

Sadly the Lexus dealer who sold me the car couldn't hear it :)

If you listen to vid please turn up sound. Phone dropped the volume.


Any other ideas?



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It does intensify but not by a lot. Hard to get a sound clip. Sounds better thru ear phones.

Only there on light acceleration. Frequency makes it most notable from about 1k to 2k.

My hearings not the best. Sometimes its seems louder, other times you tune out. grrr

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How many km,s on it. sounds like a tappet if it get any louder take it to Toyota it is virtually the same motor as the Aurion let us know cheers.

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My original thought was a tappet but its not there all the time.

Lexus service made a comment re one of the 2 fuel pumps could be doing it.

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