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Hey Lexus Fam,

Hoping someone has the Filter wrench for the IS250 I can either buy or burrow.

emptied out all the engine oil and couldn't get the filter out. Had one from a set I got from supercheap auto and my tools broke it lol.

If someone can lend a hand or let me use their filter wrench I can get my baby back up on the road

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Just buy a good tool eg king chrome I still don't know how you broke a filter removal tool  were you going the right way if you get stuck just put the fresh oil in and do the filter later.

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Hi fam,

Apologies for the late reply. I am based in Sydney. However Danny was able to pop over since he doesn't live too far out and sorted me out.Thanks though to everyone who replied. Ordered my own one which should be arriving this week!

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Once upon a time, I was looking for ways of undoing a filter without a wrench.  One common online suggestion is to stick a screw driver into the filter which I didn't want to.  Ended up buying 2 wrenches for 2 different cars.  Since then, a mechanic told me to wear latex gloves.  These days, I don't even have to use the wrenches I have even when the engine is cold. 

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