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A proper DVD was sent to me by a member from another forum

'BUT' Ive been informed further down the page it may be V23 in an V22 package, but just "maybe" they release one with minor changes?


V22 linky



I used DVR -R DL

Standard settings from ImgBurn

Clean linky for ImgBurn



If you know how you can remove NZ poi's to make fit on a SL DVD -R

As per V22 post earlier Lexus may need +R

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Yeah, I'm not so sure they would release v23 so soon.

I was told v22 only got released October last year and October the year before that.

So I'm inclined to believe that v23 will be released October this year.

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Looks like the main GPS data files are identical to v22.

Looks like there's a version.txt file that you can put whatever you like into it - that's what comes up on the car GPS as the version number - could call it anything.

That file was created on the 25th of Jan 2017 in this v23 version where the original V22 file was 7th of March 2015. So it looks like they started working on v22 back in March 2015!


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1 hour ago, bazzle said:

I need to find a street that wasnt there until last year to see if its included maybe?

Hey Baz, I've got V22 and I'm unable to locate any streets in a suburb of Sydney called Cobbity. Can you check if there is a 'Horne Street' in Cobbity in the V23 versions you've got?

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Ill have a look tomorrow ;) Done




Does Port Kembla count :zorro:

Guess not:yucky:


Ive put the link in anyway as its another source for V22 as long as the link lasts..


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ive only got a dvd - r 4.7gb (4.4gb) disk, so the original iso wont fit

will the 7 zip method to delete the nz maps, make the image smaller and then fit?


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