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2009 ISF - New LED's for interior and Puddle Lights


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So, i read all about how nice it is to have an updated LED interior, with some warm white lights internally, rather than the yellow dull glow currently in the car. Being the little car nerd i am i went online and hunted around for some cheapies thinking all LED's are the same. I was wrong, very wrong.

I bought an absolutely crappy and sub-standard set:


The globes flicker, and you can see the individual little lights through the covers. They are not much brighter than the standard bulbs, just a different colour. Also, they sent two wrong bulbs, which don't fit anywhere. Great. Tried to rectify the issues over a few weeks and they were retarded and English definitely wasn't their primary language, so i gave up. Oh well, moving on..

Enter V-Led: http://www.vleds.com/

Far more expensive, and far better quality. End cost to the door was $140 AUD vs those cheapies, so almost 10 x as much. Would i do it again, in a heartbeat. Im thinking about upgrading the reversing lights.. I ended up getting the dimmest set, the long life options, and it is FAR brighter than the previous LED and the factory bulbs. I just don's see ow someone could need something approx 4 x as bright as this?! Maybe in the puddle lights (mirrors) but bloody hell they light the interior up!

One thing i was unsure of at first, was which globes to get for where, so here is my little guide:

Now you can switch out some of the bulbs for more or less powerful option, and opt for different colours etc. Heaps of choice. I for one love their products, they are just such high quality, and i dont intend to sell the car. Im now happy, and im fussy as all hell.. 

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Yeah those lights look much better quality than the Ebay ones i got.  I think we initially went down the same path haha.  Fortunately mine havent started to flicker yet but i got incorrect bulbs sent out, then trying to communicate with them was a nightmare / funny but we got there in the end etc.

Good to know which ones are good.  Ill get those when my play up / die etc.

I went a little bit extra bling, not to everyones taste but i like bright things (blue puddles and coloured LED interior when i want it via remote).  Cant forget the gearknob either 

A few images....



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Woah looks pretty cool, my son would definitely froth out on those colours! My clients however most likely would not, and i have to be a bit more conservative in my daily in case someone needs driving around between sites.

I am actually really happy with the LED's, getting happier and happier in time. I think i will upgrade the reversing lights and high beams also..

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I've had Vleds on my car for almost 3 years now with no decrease in brightness and colour dulling.

Good quality LEDs

I've actually taken them out of my car when I went back to stock and up for sale if anyone's interested.

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