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New member here, LSD and Extractors question for 3IS

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Hi guys, new member here out of Sydney.


Have recently purchased a 3IS IS350 and seem to be finding conflicting information.


Are IS250 / 350 rear diff assy's identical clearly not in regard to internals, but the external assembly ? 


I have read those in the states fitting an 86 diff to a 250 and stating that it would not work in a 350 due to rear ends being different, is this really the case and what sort of ratio's do we have standard in our 8 speed 350's 


To shorten this up, i'd like to know what diff assy that holds an LSD from factory will bolt in as a complete unit without splitting the case.


Do we have anybody in AUS selling extractors for our vehicles ? 



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On 10/3/2018 at 2:42 PM, IS350 said:

Thanks ISF


They look reasonably priced, would be interesting to see what the freight charges would be. 

Not cheap - just like anything from USA. Their freight costs are ridiculous. Unless you go custom, i dont think you have any other choices for the IS250 and IS350.

On 10/3/2018 at 2:44 PM, IS350 said:

Would be interesting to see what options (bolt in assemblies) we have locally in regard to an LSD. 

Cheapest would likely be to bolt in an Torsen LSD from a 2010 onwards IS-F. I know some IS-F guys in USA put in a IS350 diff to give better drive ratios for 1/4 mile drag racing so they must be interchangeable.

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Bit of a bump, 


I'm struggling to find a factory lsd, reports of some supra diff fitting but they are dear. 


Any idea of a slightly better ratio for these 3.7s or so that will bolt in as a unit, I think a 2is ratio will be a bit much. 

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An ISF diff from a wrecked car would probably be the easiest and cheapest option. Late 2010 onwards models have the LSD.


Get in touch with Lexmania in Sydney.

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Given up on Lsd for now but have found a reasonable ratio, 3.7 going to try and fit in the next few days if I get time, if all goes well I will fit a torsen centre to the housing down the track. 

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