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For anybody interested, the last week or so I've been in the process of fitting brembos to the front of my 3IS, With a little mucking around with different rotors etc. 


Here is what will hopefully be the end result. 


Just need to bolt on brake lines, possibly take a little meat off my spacers and give them a bleed. 


I've used a slightly thicker rotor than factory. 




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3 hours ago, bazzle said:

What is the rotor off?

I have rotors that look the same but are standard is350 (2011) size.

I've used a larger width rotor in comparison to the ISF not the IS350, the rotors is a 355 mm rotor, I've had it up and running now, seems great finished about 30 minutes ago. 


Wish I could have offset the caliper another half a mm in but it could possibly be something else I will sort down the track, realistically it shouldn't be a problem in terms of pad wear etc. 



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Master seems OK, 


The capacity in theory isn't a great deal larger considering the factory calipers. 


Even stopping power wouldn't be overly better, larger surface area for heat dissipation on the other hand...


I only fit them due to getting them for a really good price. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

what car are the brembos off?

or is it a aftermarket kit

physically the MBC wouldnt be a problem but it will be softer feel than a factory brembo equipped car IE RCF/GSF/ISF

which in means more pedal travel


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Hey mate,


They are ISF brembos.


I agree, pedal feel is factory, a little firmer would be ideal but beggars cannot be choosers.

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