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Tyres for IS-F


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So im pretty much due for new front tyres (rears still have another 5,000km or so in them) and will need to replace them within the next month or two. Going to go with 245/35/19 on the front as many others have done with the IS-F....and why not when they fit and they are actually cheaper than the stock 225/40/19 as they are a more popular/sought after size. When the rears are due i will replace with 275/30/19.

I have been doing some reading up on tyre tests/reviews recently and the following 2x tyres have rated very well and are a good $100 or so cheaper each than Pirelli PZero/Michelin Pilot Sport/Continental Contisport6 which are considered the top 3 options.

  • Falken Azenis FK510  ($256 each for 245/35/19 and $349 each for 275/30/19)
  • Hankook Ventus S1 Evo2 ($255 each for 245/35/19 and $325 each for 275/30/19)

Both the Hankook and the Falken are basically identical price wise. 

Are any of you guys running either of these tyres? Feedback? 

I'll admit that im leaning more towards the Falken's as they are a newer tyre (released in 2017 whereas the Hankook's have been out since around 2011). I have also used Falken's previously (years ago on my old 200sx) with no issues.

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On 4/12/2019 at 7:55 AM, 2bling said:

Don't go cheap on tyres its a sports car, Michelin PS4s the best and you will know if you put them on cheers.

Im not going cheap - don't get me wrong. Im certainly not going to put on Chinese or other sub-standard tyres on my car. My point is that both of these tyres have rated very well in multiple tyre tests, and if they will perform 90% as well as the P-zero's/Pilot Sports etc for $100-150 less per tyre, then it has my interest.

I don't track my car, and only do about 5,000km per year, so i really find it hard to justify paying $400 per tyre for a street driven car.

On the F-car meet up in Sydney a few weeks ago, Daniel who organised the meet had these same Falken's on his car - i meant to speak to him about them and get his opinion, but didn't get an opportunity.

I could also argue that Falken are Japanese, so they suit the car more than a German tyre 🙂



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Cool, its the way the Michelins PS4s make the car feel that's more what I was referring to, I know the price is stupid ($500 a tyre)but I would not go back to Potenza,s only if they payed me cheers. PS Kuhmo PS91 or KU39 are rated pretty good to.

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I clipped a median strip and split the sidewall of my n/s rear Yokahama Advans on the way to get a service and rego check done! As they had about 40% I had to replace both. I looked around and went for the Falkens in the wider size for the rear  - $295 each. Plus he could get them in the next day and do my rego. It's my daily but I do take it on the old pacific Highway now and then but don't go too crazy as there's often Police. I haven't noticed a great deal of difference to be honest, grip off the mark seems the same but maybe the traction light is on sooner? It's funny you say you'd be happy with 90% - the bloke at the tyre shop said the same when comparing to the Advans or Michelins. I still have Pilot Sports on the front but will probs replace with the Falkens when the time comes. I was given a track day voucher for Eastern Creek so still tossing up whether I'll run these tyres or get some cheap rims and throw on Nittos.

Go for it.

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Ok, my 2cents worth......Ps Mine is a daily so spends alot of time on crappy roads like Parra rd and does not see the track.  Its not lowered but i do have aftermarket rims so its a 1/2 inch wider like the later model ISF's.

Fronts: I was running the Mich Pilot Super sports and they were great.  Good for the street, great grip and longevity.  I do enjoy a spirtied drive and getting it a bit loose around corners but maybe dont push it as hard as some given i got about 32000kms out of them (yeah i was surprised as well lol).

I have since changed them to the Mich Pilot Sport 4S MPS4S and yeah the hype is justified.  They are a great tyre and didnt mind given i got so much out of the previous MPSS and the 4s are supposed to have more grip and better longevity.  Ive done about 13000kms with the MPS4S and they are still performing great.  Ok prices vary and generally most are very high.  I know Tempe parallel import but they were priced cheaper than most and i simply emailed/phoned about 5 of my local tyre places and on this occasion, Jax was willing to price match so i got 2 front MPS4S in 245/35 19inch for $329 each supplied and fitted.  Extra $50 or near enough for an alignment  (was considering 255 but didnt want to scrub).  The 245/35 fit great, no scrubbing whatsover.

Rears: Initially ran the OEM size of 255/35 in MPSS and to be honest i wasnt that impressed.  Ok plenty grip at first but after about 10000kms, i still had decent life in them but they lost a lot of grip and would break action with little effort.  Ok i did up the power (tune, exhaust, headers etc) but still.....

Then when i had about 20% life left in them i had a horrible tyre blowout (few of you probably saw my other post where i was lucky the rim wasnt damaged, tyre shredded).  So i need replacements quick and got it towed back home that morning.  I know youre not supposed to run different rears to fronts but i didnt think it was that big a deal in my situation and where i drive.  So i went with 285/30 Kumho PS91's and paid $275 each (local price matched Tempe) so for $550 for both, i couldnt complaint about the price.  They looked great being that wide and performed well.  I was happy with these tyres and would of got them again when the time came but i had problems finding them recently.  I had the PS91's fitted a few years prior and got about 22000kms out of them so cant complain.  The only issue was at first i did get slight scrubbing and that was shaved guards (as said, my aftermarket rims has agressive offset as i believe 285's wont scrub on OEM later model wheels).  After they settled in, no more scrubbing but im sure losing a few mm's in tyre helped lol.  I only have my 2 kids in the rear not adults so little weight as well.

When the time came a few months back to change my rears.  The MPS4S was alot more exp than my fronts and given i had different brands front/back for years without issue i looked around and settled on Bridgestone Potenza S001.  Got good reviews etc.  This time i went a bit less wide at 275/30 (didnt want to go 275/35 based off the dia going to 26.6 inch vs OEM of 26in. Id rather keep it the same or under than over to avoid that bulge look). Ok its early days, about 3500kms but very happy with the rears to date.  Good grip, low noise (not that id hear it over the PPE's lol) and longevity im yet to see.  I paid $299 each for those (this time none of my locals wanted to price match) so got them from Tempe.  About $450 was the cheapest i could find for the MPS4S for my rears so decided to pay $600 vs $900.

Ps Not sure about the Azenis but i used to run Falken ST115's on my WRX.  Anyone with a WRX knew they were the tyre of choice (REXNET and other WRX forums all those years ago lol).

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I'm running Falken Azenis FK510 .And love them .very low noise and they grip very well. In the dry and the wet  .And were $600 cheaper for a set than the  PS4.

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I’m running Michelin Pilot Super Sports tyres all round on the ISF, 245/35 front & 275/35 rear, & they are great tyres.  But the Michelin Pilot Sports 4s are an even better tyre.  once my MPSS wear out the MPS4s will be going on.  yes they are more pricey, but you get what you pay for.

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Thanks for the comments and feedback - i am getting 2x Falken Azenis FK510's in 245/35/19 fitted to the front of my car today. Cost was $256 each from Bob Jane (best price locally i could find).

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I’ve always run MPSS on my previous cars. Can’t best them for a good road race tyre. Will have to check out these falken and mps4 options too when it’s time to change it up

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