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Hi guys, 

My 3IS F Sport has 90,000kms on it now. Despite the gearbox being listed as having "lifetime oil" I want to service it around the 100K mark for piece of mind. From researching there is plenty of info on the 2IS 6 speed but very little info on servicing the 3IS 8 speed.  I have found a transmission specialist who is confident in servicing the unit performing a full flush but he is saying the filter would not be changed as it is mounted behind the valve body similar to ZF boxes? Anyone have any experience in this area or have had the box serviced. My other option is to simply have a dump and refill which is only a partial change which would at least ensure the levels are resurrected which from research is pretty critical to these boxes operating to their optimum as they are quite sensitive to dropping slightly in oil level through evaporation over time...….  Thoughts



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Okay great, I'll give you a call early in the new year. My box is around 115k and I'd like to do some preventative maintenance. Car just hit 10 years old a few months ago.

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On 12/4/2019 at 1:24 PM, ilv1004s said:

same gearbox as isf

we do alot of ISF flush

$600 for a full flush service uses arond 15-20L of ATF

Hi Danny,

Which brand ATF do you use?

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On 12/13/2019 at 1:58 PM, ilv1004s said:

glad to see you still got yours

Still drives exactly the same as when I picked it up from the dealer.

Just keep up proper maintenance and any Toyota/Lexus should last (nearly) forever.

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