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This is my new car...


I noticed that the in dash TV picked up Channel 4's sound signal and a weak picture signal when i switched the TV mode into channel 11. Well the 6 CD changer is broken too so that needs to be replaced - I found out that Toyota Altezza front fog lamps cost over $900 NZD Each.... thats nearly 2 grands for both. What sort of alarms do you guys and girls use? e.g Mongoose..

Looking foward to my road trip to Taupo in the Altezza...


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nice car dude, yeah some of the parts are expensive here, its better to source from Japan if possible as parts are much cheaper there, matt is the man to see he's been buying us a few things over there!

anyways hope you enjoy your altezza....


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Hope you enjoy your new car! Yes I can get the Fog lights and a factory braket over here for a very good price...so you can hook yourself up a new headeck at rapid radio....ask Gavin for more advice and help on that...if you need help PM me and I will try to help out...:D nwo you will be out there tooo busy in your new car.

Matt :D

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Yeah, the '98 and '99 CD players give trouble. Lexus changed models after then.

They ERR 3 when you put the 6th CD in, so, we only ever load 5 cds.

Looks good Henry, enjoy! Maybe I can organise a little treasure hunt/rally

around Auckland and Matt can organise a barbie at the end of it once he's back in NZ...


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Yea, sweet- I'll chuck my Lanzar 12inch Sub from the Honda into the Tezza once i do get the headunit - probably need to rewire/by pass the factory Amp...

Hey, has anyone been to that Parallel Import stereo and alarm place in Albany? My mate brought a Sony CD head unit 52w x 4 for something like $200 cheaper than local retail... they fit them in too apparently. Dont know how they compare to closer stores e.g Rapid Audio...

For now Im gonna save up $$ for the headunit etc, like Keith said about the Err3, that means if I can "Pry" out the 6th disk I can fix the problem temporarely? If theres a way to fix it then It'll be all good for now.

Thanks for your comments, :D


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