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Police Attention


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Have any of you ever felt that the police were paying you extra attention when driving?

I've only had my car 3 days and while I haven't been pulled over yet, I've had the cops follow me around a bit, maybe I'm just paranoid :wacko:

Have you guys experienced stuff like that?


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I've found it pretty sweet although one time me and a mat were cruisng to Auckland and while passing through Huntly doing 50 km/h behind a truck doing 50 km/h a high way patrol car going the other way flashed me, and I could never understand why, I had my fog lights on but they were sweet so it was a mistery to me!!!!!!

maybe you have the curse now!!!!

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Yep, admittedly I get more unwanted attention (cops and boy racers) in this car than my previous one. I think it's the look and sound of the exhaust I have, coupled with the black paint job and tinted windows.

I even had one cop follow me home the other day :angry: Didn't pull me up or anything but he was definately waiting for me to do something...

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not in this car, YET haha

but in my old car...

a cop car was following me and then suddenly over took me and i was like, wow

i kept driving then saw them parked on the side of the same road with the lights out (it was at night)... definitly waiting for me to do something :---\

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I was expecting to get added attention with the tints, spoiler kit and mags, but to my suprise, I seem to be completely ignored by our law enforment men :)

Which is all good to me!

I think you won't really get much unless you do stupid things or doing things to grab attension...

Matt :)

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