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The Official Is250 Picture Thread

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Have you decided what you're going yet and how low?

Well, im really after the the type of drop that you get from the Tein S-Tech's (1.6" and 1.2") but my only concern is ride quality. When I first bought the IS, I planned to get the CS coilovers, but since I've decided that I might be trading up in a year or 2, I couldn't justify the cash. The F-Sports would mantain a relatively good ride, but it's only a 1" drop. I could probably live with that, but I can't source them for a decent price. That is, the springs them selves are pretty cheap, but the freight from the states is dearer then the springs them selves!! Not happy! The S-Techs I've seen on ebay for about $600 AU shipped which I think is quite reasonable. I will probably get them.

The coolest thing with getting the Teins is that I can try before I buy. I will hassleing Danny (Ilv1004s) to take his car for a fang to see how they feel!!! I definately like the way they look on his car!

How about you??

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well if u guys want a ride

im all yours :D

s techs are 450

Hey Ilv,

Yeh, thanks mate!!!

What, $450 shipped??

I will put my order in now if thats the case!!! Should we be doing a group buy if others are interested??

I think FrankyX is in the Hills district aswell so he might be interested aswell! We can get them installed together! Have a "Drop" party!! :D

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