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Happy Birthday Altezza Girl


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Thank you guys! :) Yip, its the big 24 today!!!!! :rolleyes:

Unfortunately I still had to go to work today, but definately hitting the town tonite to celebrate, and it will be an all-nighter, hence taking the day off work tomorrow [just in case being 24 years old will slow my recovery a bit] :lol::lol::lol: so everyone who is keen for a nite out is invited to come along!!! :D :D

Evidently the drinks are on me :lol: [do they not realise I have an expensive car to pay off?!?!?!] ;)

So thanks for all your birthday wishes! Really looking forward to my pressie from Ringo :lol: and meeting up with Al and everyone next Saturday, :) and really proud to be 1st "lady" of the club [thanks Muzza!!]


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Hi Diane, I hope that the "B" day was a great one. :D

Looking forward in catching up with you again down at the Taupo track day. As promised, you're the first in line for a ride around the track.

Happy Brithday


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