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Wanting To Swap Oem 18Inch Is250 Rims For 16 Inch Originals

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I put up another post back in December about swapping my 18 inch rims.

My GSE20R IS250 (2007) had 18" OEM rims fitted by the previous owner at a cost of $4k for the rims new.

My wife now drives the car full time, and while she loves the car she is finding the 18 inch rim give her a ride that is too firm. I love the firm and great handling that the 18 inch rims give, but as I hardly drive that car any more it's up to what my wife wants/needs.

After chatting with a few tyre people it looks like the best option for her would be to go back to the 16 inch original rims that the car was fitted with.

So, if you have a set (5) of good quality 16 inch rims with good rubber and would be interested in selling outright or trade plus some cash (I'm open to offers)then drop me a line.

The rims are currently sporting Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 255 40 R18's on the rear and 225 40 R18's on the front and still have about 5-10k left in them.

Sample picture if the rim style attached.

When it stops raining tomorrow I'll give the car and rims a good clean and take some fresh pictures.

Thanks All!

Have bought a set of 16's


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wow your gonna loose money on those

atleast ask for chash adjustment on those wheels mate

16"s will go for around 300-400 max with tyres

your wheels will be worth around 2K with tyres at least

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179 each

plus shipping and converted yes i am right

plus where in Australia not USA

their market price doesnt mean anything to us

if your saying that lexus should sell the ISF at 70K for the going conversion rate

or even the IS350 at 40K

since thats the going rate there

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I'm definitely interested. I've got a set of 16" Prestige rims with 40K on the tyres (About half the tyre left)

Please let me know.

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Thanks all.

Bought a set of 16's from Jake.

Now to figure out how to quietly swap my seats for his F-Sport beauties......


Are your wheels still available or did you trade them in with Jake?

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