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  1. Good news your ISF is ok again. I hope you get reimbursed for the tow. after I had the ecu tune, my ISF feels better down low rpm, ok in the mid-range, & strong as she gets going.
  2. Let me see if I have this correct, you recommend to remove the stock header, remove the standard cats, and fit new fancy cats, then refit the standard exhaust manifolds back on the ISF.. all that extra work & money to refit a stock exhaust manifold, to me that is madness. Just a thought, if you go to all the trouble & expense to remove the standard exhaust manifold, why not just fit headers!!
  3. No more mods planed for now, but let’s see what comes along. I have also fitted the Lexus torsen diff, as my 2009 ISF didn’t have it. as of today, I have 34,931km on her. I baby mine too much, & only drive the ISF when the weather is good. it is a fun machine, which I plan to keep for a while longer.
  4. I also have a JoeZ exhaust, an intake pipe & the ECU tune, all up, I’d say almost 70kw atw’s over a stock ISF. I’ve had my ISF since 2009, & did the mods over the years, & with each mod it felt better. the throttle does feels good, & the ISF does get going.
  5. I’m in Sydney & have PPE headers on my ISF, & I like them. they make the ISF a little nosier inside the cabin, but it’s a nice rumble sound. most things you do to n/a ISF won’t give you huge gains, like sticking a supercharger on, but you do notice them, & they all add up to a good gain, & a great sound. Like BLK ISF said, headers would give more kw, than a cat back exhaust, & so on. It’s a big job to fit the headers to the ISF, & must be fitted from under the vehicle. they have to drop the front sub frame and steering box off, while they support the engine. the steering column shaft goes through the right hand side header. I would only trust someone that has done many ISF’s before.
  6. It looks great. it's good Lexus came to the party, that's why Lexus look after mine.
  7. I hope it all gets sorted out soon. It will be good to know what happened.
  8. Just a thought, it seems the 08, 09, & 10 model ISF with the ecu tune, have had no issue?? did they do something in the my11 update, to the computer?? I believe that 2blings ISF is a my11. ilv1004s, what year was your customers ISF?
  9. Sorry, I thought that when the fuel light comes on, you had to floor the ISF, to get to the petrol station faster. I’m sure you could get more then 50km, I’m just not sure if you could get all the fuel out of the tank. At 9l/100, with 9 litres in the tank, you could travel 100km. at 16l/100, with 9 litres in the tank, you could travel 56km.
  10. I have been informed that there is 9 litres left when the low fuel lights comes on. you should be able to do over 50km.
  11. I don’t have an IS300, but I have the same 3 litre inline 6, 2JZ-GE engine in my 2003 GS300. I have also looked for headers on eBay. it’s amazing how cheap they are, and the headers for the IS300 look good. but for some reason they advise the IS300 headers will not fit the GS300, and the ones that do fit the GS look awful. I’m sure they will not be top quality for the price, but like you said they are stainless, & would be worth a try. you will lose your front cats that are on the stock exhaust manifold. If you do get them, keep your stock headers in the garage just in case. Good luck.
  12. Your ISF looks very shiny.
  13. It looks good. nice colour.
  14. A supercharger would be nice. but was that before or after I bore the motor out to 5.6 litres, like the LC at SEMA 2016. Sadly no, at this time. I was using a mix of Shell 98 & BP 98 when Sonny dynoed mine. I use Caltex 98 now.