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  1. Good news, that’s a good upgrade from your IS250, just a little bit more power. lol. you will enjoy the ISF. Yes Lexus of Chatswood are good, they look after my babies. I’ve been doing 2 track days a year with them, between May & September ish. I like the cooler weather. they are so much fun, & they get all the speeding out of your system. Hopefully see you at a track day next year. Happy ISF motoring.
  2. Is250

    Looks very nice. welcome.
  3. What's your fuel economy?

    Driving around Sydney suburbs, I’m around 14 to 16L/100km. on the highway as long as you use the cruise control, windows & sunroof closed, & drive like a nanny, the best I’ve had is 7.3L/100km. always under 8L/100km to Canberra & back, unless you use the loud pedal. The most fun was at the track (eastern creek) where I managed to get 178km to a full tank. fuel economy did get better after the header & exhaust install.
  4. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Track days are fun. Phillip island would be good. & a nice white LFA.
  5. PPE header group buy

    congratulations on the ISF, you will enjoy it. they are a fun vehicle, & they just keep on going. I remember ISFBloke & his ISF. did a few track days through Lexus at Eastern Creek, & one at Wakefield with him. you could get a varex type of exhaust to make it quieter when you need. I like the way the PPE headers and JoeZ exhaust sounds. it is a bit loud if I leave home early in the morning, but such is life.
  6. Who thinks i can save my rear tyre

    What bad luck, luckily you & the ISF are ok. The ISF saved you. I reckon a good tyre place could fix it, maybe not.
  7. ISF - Wheel Arch Space

    If you look at the side view of the ISF, you can see there is less ground clearance at the front. It still leans forward, but does look like it could be dropped an inch at the front.
  8. ISF - Wheel Arch Space

    Yes you are correct about the wheel arch space, on a stock car with oem wheels.
  9. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Excellent. yes it’s a hot day, not the best for a dyno run, but a starting point. looking forward to your write-up.
  10. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Good news. it will be good to see what you end up with.
  11. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Last year when mine was on the dyno, I ended up with 288kw (386hp) atw’s. with the new header group buy that is happening, it will be good to see what they end up with on the dyno. if they end with the magic 300kw, I’ll have to go back & see if Sonny can tweak some more out of mine. they must be learning some more about the ecu over time, one can only hope. It would be good to see what “Gregorydarcy” RR Racing tune ended up with atw’s.
  12. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    From your list, it looks like the 2008 model ISF is the fastest of the ISF’s. as there is no other year models in the list.
  13. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    That's a good time, well done.
  14. PPE header group buy

    Well done. sounds like you will have them soon.
  15. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    That’s a good increase in power, all at once. enjoy.