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  1. Well done, It looks good in matador mica red. I haven’t seen many in that colour. You will enjoy the ISF.
  2. I would only upgrade to a different vehicle, like maybe a nice GSF or RCF. that would be worth it. as you have already carried out a few mods, including your new shocks, exhaust & a tune, to get your ISF the way you like it. it sound like you just need the LSD Diff, and Bluetooth streaming for music. just burn a few new cd, you can put a lot of mp3 on one cd. Back in 2014, I thought about updating to the latest ISF. but I would have to pay $$$$ to update to basically the same vehicle with slightly softer suspension, & without all my mods. it would also cost $$$ to get back to where I was. my ISF has low km, so I didn’t think it was worth it. if you want a nice comfy ride, get a LS.
  3. Excellent news, that was fast. Sonny kept my ISF for 2 days. he must be getting better. be careful in the rain, & enjoy the extra power & torque everywhere. I’m not sure about the engine & traction control lights. Keep an eye on AutoWerks Automotive facebook page, as Sonny usually puts up a 1 minute video of your vehicle on the dyno. my ISF was done on the 7th September 2016.
  4. Excellent. you will enjoy the ecu tune, it will be good to see how you go.
  5. All ISFs need a sports exhaust to bring out the V8 sound. the throttle blips on down shifts are awesome.
  6. Looking good Adam. there’s nothing like a good clean. I occasionally take my ISF to the track, & I haven’t noticed any noise when hard shifting above 5000rpm, apart from a little bit of wheel spin. enjoy the ISF, they are so much fun. John
  7. Good luck on Friday, the ISF will put a smile on your face..
  8. Great vehicle the ISF. the back mag wheels in your photo are on the wrong side, and should to be swapped over, the blades are facing the wrong way, the fronts are correct.
  9. Welcome. you will enjoy the ISF. good choice of colour. AutoWerks tuned mine as well, & made it even nicer to drive.
  10. Well Friday I saw the LC 500 V8, it looks better in the flesh. it was deep blue in colour, with tan interior, very comfy seats, great looking dash, colour heads up display, there is a volume control dial on the centre console, & was as smooth as silk to turn. it was a very nice place to be, I didn’t want to get out. I even gave it a few revs and it sounded good. the 21inch wheel really suited it.
  11. Twin superchargers, that is completely mad. & I would love a drive..
  12. a GSF, another nice Lexus.
  13. It is a beautiful looking vehicle, & in a few years I could see myself in a nice white one. I will be seeing one soon.
  14. What a beautiful looking vehicle. the pictures look great.