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  1. a GSF, another nice Lexus.
  2. It is a beautiful looking vehicle, & in a few years I could see myself in a nice white one. I will be seeing one soon.
  3. What a beautiful looking vehicle. the pictures look great.
  4. It’s much better to catch the oil. Mine still looks empty, but I haven’t driven much. I’ll be testing mine at the track when it cools down a bit.
  5. Well done, OEM rotors and pads work well, it’s the dust I don’t like.
  6. A good review from Clarkson. wow, I’m impressed. The GSF is a great looking 4 door vehicle, and it 95kgs lighter than an M5!! The GSF is the way to go.
  7. Hello & welcome from Australia. You are lucky, we didn’t get the V8 in the GS until the 2005 model change. sorry I cannot help with the parts, happy hunting.
  8. Well done Peter, enjoy.
  9. Sadly Australia did not get the GS Ltuned V8 or the IS 300 LTuned. I would of liked the GS with a V8. not sure of how many there were overseas.
  10. It’s like the first F Sports, and was shown at the 2002 Sydney Motor Show. and went on sale in Australia in 2003, as an option package for the GS. With lowered & stiffer springs, Bilstein shock absorbers, Oz wheels 18 x 8 front and 18 x 9.5 rear, with 235/40 & 265/35 Michelin Pilot Sport tyres, sports exhaust, different tuning for the steering, a mesh grille, yellow fog lights, clear side blinkers, LTuned badges, & floor mats. there were about 20 sold in Australia.
  11. Hello Dan, another GS Ltuned, there are not many of us. welcome to the club. I had a reversing camera fitted to my 2003 GS Ltuned, it was back in 2007, and it still works fine. They installed a camera on the back just above the number plate, and is hooked up to the vehicles GPS/touch screen, and works when you place it in reverse. I not sure of the brand, but it is still working after 10 years. it was supplied & installed by Lexus of Chatswood service, give them a call. (02) 9406 8388. How long have you had your GS Ltuned, & which colour. I enjoy mine, and it is silver with black interior, with 164k on it now. any pictures of yours. John
  12. I just purchased “dba T3 rotors” for my brothers car. & on their web site, the T3’s are made out of better metal, XG150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron. which they say has “an increase in thermal capacity property allows the rotor to handle constant extremes of heat over extended periods of time”.
  13. Hello TheWoozle. Yes we did drive down the west coast as much as we could on sealed roads. there were a lot u turns or detours when the road turned to dirt. I don’t like driving my Lexus on unsealed roads, but I did travelled on one unsealed road, and that was on the “Lake Highway the A5”, from Bothwell to Deloraine. which had a 22km section, (that was in very good condition). I tried to drive as close to the coast as I could all the way around. We travelled 4850km in Tasmania, from Devonport to Devonport. Tasmania it was a great drive.. I have attached a map, the yellow line is where we drove.
  14. Welcome to the club, your IS350 F sports looks good, enjoy. I’m in Sydney, but I drove around Tasmania in May 2016, it’s a great place. I drove my Lexus off the boat at Devonport and headed west. I believe I went to the same spot of your 1st picture of your IS350 F sports, at that look out, “Table Cape Geological Site”. I didn’t see another Lexus vehicle on my Tassie drive until I got over to the east coast. It’s good to see you flying the Lexus flag.
  15. BLK ISF, that’s a good price for Project Mu NS400 front pads. I like quiet & low dust pads for the street, I hate dirty mags. Shim kit, you should be ok, see what your mechanic says. Sparky, what type of track pads were you using, and how were they. track pads are hard to live with on the street, noisy and so dusty.