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  1. Abandoned ISF

    That's very sad.
  2. 19s or 20s on the ISF

    Sparky, sorry that you cannot make it. you would of enjoyed testing your new torsen diff there.
  3. 19s or 20s on the ISF

    Excellent news. I will also be attending an F Club event at the farm. I have been there once before back in 2012, it’s very nice. less than 2 week to go, see you there.
  4. 19s or 20s on the ISF

    Looking good. 275/35 on the back are a good size. which track are you going too?
  5. I went to a track day at Eastern Creek in the ISF, tested out the RR Racing usrs bushes, & there air/oil separator. the usrs bushes work well, & made the steering feel much better. the air oil separator also worked a treat, it was over ½ full twice on the day, & it stopped all that oil going through the motor. It was a good day. here are 2 laps.
  6. 19s or 20s on the ISF

    How are the new mags & tyres.
  7. Sydney Lexus Meet Up

    I sure I could be talk into a Sydney meet up.
  8. RCF brake rotors and pads

    It was good to catch up, & it was a great day as usual.
  9. RCF brake rotors and pads

    Sounds like you had a good time playing with the LC500, LC500h and GSF, very nice. it’s good to be driven around the track by a professional driver. I’ll see you on the 19th. There are always more toys you need.
  10. RCF brake rotors and pads

    How was your track day, & how were your new brakes?
  11. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

    That's good news that you have found a torsen diff. the ISF is a great fun vehicle.
  12. RR-Racing Brake Upgrade

    Stainless steel brake lines, it’s good to see you are getting into your RCF, they are a nice vehicle. I just had a quick look at the 360 Fly, it looks good. you should get some great footage. Sadly my Lexus track day is not for another 2 weeks, it looks like a sunny day tomorrow, have fun.
  13. RR-Racing Brake Upgrade

    That’s great news, the 2 piece rotors look nice. I agree Lexus of Chatswood service do a great job looking after the vehicle. It will be a good test for you & your RCF at the track day in July. I will be attending a LOC track day at SMSP in July, maybe see you there. I just picked up a GoPro 5 for the day.
  14. Rr racing vs figs

    I have the RR Racing usrs, & they are good. & they make no noise.