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  1. Hello TheWoozle. Yes we did drive down the west coast as much as we could on sealed roads. there were a lot u turns or detours when the road turned to dirt. I don’t like driving my Lexus on unsealed roads, but I did travelled on one unsealed road, and that was on the “Lake Highway the A5”, from Bothwell to Deloraine. which had a 22km section, (that was in very good condition). I tried to drive as close to the coast as I could all the way around. We travelled 4850km in Tasmania, from Devonport to Devonport. Tasmania it was a great drive.. I have attached a map, the yellow line is where we drove.
  2. Welcome to the club, your IS350 F sports looks good, enjoy. I’m in Sydney, but I drove around Tasmania in May 2016, it’s a great place. I drove my Lexus off the boat at Devonport and headed west. I believe I went to the same spot of your 1st picture of your IS350 F sports, at that look out, “Table Cape Geological Site”. I didn’t see another Lexus vehicle on my Tassie drive until I got over to the east coast. It’s good to see you flying the Lexus flag.
  3. BLK ISF, that’s a good price for Project Mu NS400 front pads. I like quiet & low dust pads for the street, I hate dirty mags. Shim kit, you should be ok, see what your mechanic says. Sparky, what type of track pads were you using, and how were they. track pads are hard to live with on the street, noisy and so dusty.
  4. I use OEM rotors, but I use Project Mu pads, here is link to their website. takes a couple of days for delivery.
  5. Well done, all ISF's need a sports exhaust.
  6. Lets hope they can keep the weight down. an R8 is just under 1600kgs
  7. wow, that would be nice..
  8. I like how you have relabelled it correctly.
  9. I do not know about a down loadable version, but I scanned this from my ISF service book, which shows what is carried out each service. I hope this will help.
  10. They must be getting cheap. on my USB stick I had a video of me in the LFA passenger ride, and also in the ISF. It was 2011. Yes the LFA does make an amazing sound..
  11. It good you enjoy the day. The GSF is a nice vehicle. Check the USB stick, when I did my half day, there was a couple of small videos on it.
  12. Cannot see any in mine yet, but I haven’t driven much. I’m sure there will be some in it at the track, and the hot weather is coming. I like the RR bushes, much more feed back to the steering wheel.
  13. 285 will look great on the back of an ISF. it will be good to hear how you go.
  14. I like the 275/35 on the rear mags of the ISF, which for the Michelin PSS, have a diameter of 26.6 inches, the stock size tyres in Michelin PSS, 255/35 have a diameter of 26 inches. info from the Tire Rack. The 275/35 are slightly larger in diameter than the stock tyres, and as all car speedos over read by 5 to 10kph at 100kph, it will make the speedo more accurate. The 35 series on the back will also give a slightly better ride over the 30 series tyres. they also say 275 is the max that you can put on a 9 inch wide rim. Tyre pressures are a funny thing, my PSS road tyres, I run 230 kpa when cold in the rear tyres, & 245 kpa when cold in the front tyres, as the fronts always work harder. The lower pressure in the rear tyres is much better for traction, only pump them up if you have a heavy load in the back. Pressure are different for the track. In my track tyres, I run 46 psi when hot in the front tyres, otherwise you can roll the front tyres and run on the side wall. & 36 psi when hot in the rear tyres, as the rear tyres don’t roll much. any higher in the rear tyres and the back slides around too much.
  15. Coconut2001, thanks, that’s what I thought when I first saw them. I still have the standard suspension fitted on my ISF. I like the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres, plenty of grip.