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LC-F V10 twin turbo


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Well apparently it will be heavier than the LFA which is expected but let's just see how much fatter it turns out to be. I think the LC500 minus a hundred kilos would be a good start. I more eager to see how it will put all that power down, we are talking La Ferrari territory.

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If that happened (LFA engine, highly unlikely though) it would be an INSTANT cult classic.. thing would sell like bloody hotcakes.

A naturally aspirated monster V10 in the age of the turbo.. Would be one for the ages.

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On ‎11‎/‎24‎/‎2016 at 0:38 PM, LTuned said:

Lets hope they can keep the weight down.   an R8 is just under 1600kgs

All the new hyper-cars are heavy. It helps with getting grip on corners and new tyre compounds are all designed with this in mind.

1600kg is pretty light actually.

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On 19/07/2017 at 7:19 PM, ar5boosted said:

It's more than likely to be a production run of the LFA engine.

That was a great engine and they've been slowly letting the LFA goodies dissolve into mainstream models.

inside sources suggest its a V8 TT

2 of the 2T motors put together

600hp +

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17 hours ago, Gen03 said:

What the new LC F may look like .A 4.0L twin turbo V8 with around 600hp  


As drooling as that monster looks, the rendered designs always turn out different to production.  What a beast and finally some decent go to match the show.  4L tiwn turbo like the Germans will be great and provide a great platform for the aftermarket scene, much better scope for modifications if you want.

Just hope they dont water it down and make it look like a boring Camry with a wing if you get my drift so suit the conservative masses lol

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