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Since it's all guys on here (I think?) who rock up anyway, hooters? (Hot wings man, it's all about the hot wings!)

That said, I'm out from Sept 28 - Nov 6th inclusive as I'll be in the US again...

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Ribs and Rumps with a meet at P6 car park at homebush first???

Any more ideas.

Post your ideas. When we have a few we will poll it to vote for who wants what.

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i can most likely make it (if any of my friends wanna drive) cause my last HSC exam is on the 4th

also, i get my license back 20th Nov, but im going korea 23rd, so if u guys wanna have a little meet up that would be siiiick

i'll ask my friends (that still have their license, not many left now, haha) and get back to you asap

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