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30,000 Km Service


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First paying service today as the bucket of bolts made 30,000 km on the weekend.

No brake pad, rotors or tyres needed so got to be happy with that, they have posted another 10k for pads in the computer but this I might get to the next service depending on the driving.

In the end cheaper service than quoted and all completed in a timely fashion :)

Got to be happy with that!

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nowhere near the M3 for sure especially given the fact that these machines take a hell of a lot of beating. I've had the biggest service done on mine which is the 90K for approx $1200 but I sourced the spark plugs myself. Search for ISF failures worldwide you will be hard pressed to find any major faults. That speaks for itself.

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Thanks Danny I've booked the car in for the service at Lexus Chatswood. They are going to come all the way out to Liverpool to pickup the car and I've requested for a current model IS350 so they will supply that if there is one. Then drop off in the afternoon so that is damn good :)

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Just had the car serviced today. Everything went smoothly. they dropped off the current generation IS350 that I asked for. Its a shame I had to be at work and could not go and check it out.

Paid an extra $65 for the wiper blades to be done and also $200 something for a carbon clean. My Dad is really happy and says the car is even more chirpy then before hahaha

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