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I've bought this spoiler off ebay


I'll be getting it painted and molded to the boot, then it'll look like this.

Still on the fence about keeping/removing the L badge

heres one without badge in white



my car is black, here is one in black with badge


and one in silver


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Hi denis

Spoiler cost me about $190 shipped, unpainted, primed

When it gets here i will drive around show it to some shops and get quotes

Il go with whoever is mix of reasonable price / capable

Based on other forums estimate cost to be $400 mold/paint

grab one off ebay

We can be the first in aussie

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Hi fatjoez

I know the exact one you're referring to, and you can have it painted by the supplier. However, as you would like it molded, I can understanded you having it shipped unpainted.

Please keep us informed once you get your quotes.


Bugger - just realised that you're in Queensland, not Sydney :unsure:

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Highly interested in doing this mod, keep us posted n quotes and all that. were abouts in qld are you?

You just doing the molding of the spoiler and raising the quarter or?


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$730 estimate from a shop in mermaid beach today


Searching for other shops.

All I can seem to find though is panelbeaters.

Anyone know a good paint/fiberglass shop in Gold Coast

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Yeah 730 seems a bit steep, what price range are you looking for considering how much work is actually involved in it?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Moulding into a one piece is a big job, I got quoted by one of the best panel beaters in Melbourne, DT Panels. Everyone sends their cars in, especially the cars you see in fast fours etc! I got quoted 600 just for moulding and raising. Just thought I'd let you guys know for some piece of mind!

Edit: well not big but takes skill and time to get it looking right and even!

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If by raising you mean moulding / fabricating extra bits to raise the sides of the boot lid to match the spoiler height then $600 is cheap.

Quoted $600-700 from TSX Styling in Nerang.

The guy knew what he was talking about though and does a lot of custom work.

It's not a big job as you say, it's a time consuming one.

So I have the car booked in 2 weeks from now.

Mez1103 did you get yours done in the end?

I'm trying to find out now how far the sides can be shaved down because the guy at the shop said its 2 pieces stuck together so if he shaves it too far down it may open up.


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Sorry for the slow reply Champ!

Nah, i just decided to get a quote for my own piece of mind. Based on what he said, i assume he means just molding it into one piece, without raising the sides, but i highly doubt it'll cost much to do so anyway. I didn't go in depth discussing it, so i can't help you on how far to shave it down! You can contact him via his email on his website though? His very experienced and reputable.

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Got the car back today

6 working days to complete


Moulded, Fibreglass etc

Shaved down sides to smooth finish


Looks great

Will post pictures tomorrow when there is sun.

Recommend it if you're looking to enhance the car

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  • 7 months later...


It's Albert from Carking again.

As the last reply, we make the spoiler perfectly fit!

We had received lots of orders from both US and Europe.

Seeing is believing. Meet our whole new WD spoiler : )



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