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Two Piece Front Rotors


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Hi All

Not long until I have to replace the front brakes on the beast and have been thinking about two piece rotors.

I know FIG in the US is offering these but thought I would look at something local. So have contact DBA and they are looking into what could possibly be done with their 5000 series club spec.

Something I think they are going to need is a rotor.

Has anyone who has replaced their fronts kept a worn rotor?

Will keep you all posted if something comes off.


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Only problem i can see regarding the front rotor and getting them Local would be the price..!

Ive found changing the type of pad helps make the rotors last longer, The stock pads dust way to much , and are crazy priced.!

I can vouch for FIGS , he knows his stuff and After seeing his Lower Control Arms for the ISF, i can promise you won't be disappointed in the quality .!

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Any update on this Blacky?

I've emailed Project Mu to see if we can get the CRD rotors (not 2 piece) here in Australia. Hopefully we can, their prices for rotors and pads are awesome!

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No update on the DBA rotors but I thought I would see what Harrop can offer, so I am meeting with them during the week (time permitting).

The bummer is I think I will have to do my brakes before I get a go ahead on either of these but will keep looking.

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Still working on this. Seeing as my brakes are nearly ready to be done I thought I might get off my but and try to do something.

So the story now is I can get a set of two piece front rotors :)

Ended up talking to Harrop down here in Melbourne and stopped in there today, long story short, something around $2,300.00 incl GST for the pair.

Didn't look close enough at the estimate to see what the 1 off engineering cost was but that was all up.

The catch is the need a rotor to work off.

As asked before does anyone have and old one floating around???? PLEASE!!!!

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ha 2300 for the pair

brembo aftermarket kit for the ISF cost that much

and thats with calipers too

Please show me this?

OEM rotors from Lexus are around $570.00 each and I think that is discounted so I am interested in your comments about the Brembo Kit pricing.

As I am lead to believe Brembo do not provide a two piece rotor for the OEM size and combination on the ISF and your need to step up to the GT Kit with a 380 mm x 32 mm rotors and to be honest I can't see them letting this sort of hardware go for $2,300.00 a pair.

If you have this info right, please provide the details and I will gladly hand over $2,300.00 AUD incl GST for a complete front set of GT Brembo 380 mm x 32 mm Rotors (two piece) with six piston calipers.

You may well be right but from the information I have I would suggest you are looking at more like > $6,500.00 for a front rotor and caliper combination.

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OK, my local dealer has come through with a rotor so you can all stop sending me help LOL

Is anyone else interested in this option of a two piece rotor? TBH my reason for asking is selfish as we could share the engineering costs. Or I guess anyone can wait until I do it and it will be done for future people.

Anyhow, just trying to decide on if to give the green light and blow some coin on them. :wacko:

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sorry to drag up an old post.

ilv1004s -

how do the figs rb rotors go? are they noisy at all?

Any pics of them on the car?
Im thinking of getting them

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