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New on here and buying a is350f should i put 20inch rims on it or is it to much hassle>?

The rims would be vossen cv3s or cv7s. and pretty sure they only do 20 or bigger. will be lowering it with kw v3s about 50mm.


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ok thanks i just really like vossen rims but might have to find somthing else in 19s. vossen told me they wouldnt scrape but i would have to put 25mm rubber and the proper offset which they told me.

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yes technically it wont scrape

but going over bumps and such with the ride lowered as such its not going to do any good to the inner guards

im running 19"s on my car and it still scrapes with the coilovers on the harder settings

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The Vossen CV3's comes in 19's. The CV7's are the ones that only comes in 20's. I know that's the case in the states but not sure if it is any different down here. I wouldn't think so though but I could be wrong.

As Danny said, technically, you can run 20's but then guard work would probably be involved, which I think is already too much hassle (ie rolling guards or maybe a little flare)

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20's are fine if you keep the stock height, but not if you're lowering by 2 inches as he stated above.

I ran 20x8.5 +38 offset fronts and 20x10 +45 offset rears without scrubbing (standard height).

225 front tyres and 275 rears. Loved it.

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