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Ecu Tune For Isf


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Im working with Novel Japan to come up with a tuning solution for the AUDM ISF

he already has the Tuning done on his personal ISF (taku watanabe, owner of Novel)

and currently makes 480hp at the wheels with full bolt ons (Exhaust headers intake)

So far iv sent my Race car ISF ecu off to japan and hes downloading all the data

Keep you guys updated

If all goes well

i will get my Road ISF and Race ISF both tuned

i hope this will be a benefit to the community

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looks like there is a few big changes to the ISF tuning scence

a company in the US has made a tuning work with 50hp gain at the wheels gain mid range to 20hp gain top end

currently NOVEL's tune nets 480hp atw with full exhaust and tune

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Any updates on this? Very exciting stuff you're up to, I've never heard of people cracking the Toyota ECUs. 480rwhp is massive power NA for exhaust/tune.

I always found it odd, are they that hard to do?!

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That was my first thought was that it was a piggy back. If it's actually been cracked that's massive news to the aftermarket scene especially for the US market.

Sounds like Danny is pretty clear on it having been cracked though! I can't wait to hear more.

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http://www.novel-japan.jp/other/index.html - Under ECU TUNE:

Arousal potential

By reprogramming (engine control unit) ECU you have made ​​all of the control engine, ECU tuning to awaken the potential that was asleep. With the genuine power by reviewing and throttle map valve timing, ignition timing map fuel, the potential of the original that has been kept unavoidable, such as safety margin than necessary measures and fuel efficiency environmental performance, by the curse of various · It can be raised further torque response. Can also raise the limiter, speed limiter Reburimitta also various.
To take full advantage of the potential that has been awakened, can feel more sensual driving pleasure.

Also I just had a thought, in Japan their dynos derive PS; was it 480PS or 480rwhp they achieved? I just find 480rwhp too good to be true (hope I'm wrong).

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