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Best Recomended Fuel For2011 Is350

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Just moved up from 2009 Mini Cooper S & Volvo V70 turbo. For both cars, we had mechanics/service desks tells us to avoid Shell V-Power. Usually use BP Ultimate. V-Power used to make the mini especially misfire occasionally & run a bit rougher.

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Shell V power 98 is rubbish, i dont feel any difference when i refuel with it, and even sometimes the car feel sluggish and it goes very fast! Definitely avoid Shell patrol station. I have been using Caltex Vortex 98, it's pretty good, no issues with it and sometimes right after the refuel, the engine feel much sharper, and i get this sharp feeling with BP ultimate 98 as well. No point fuelling with 95 cos theres like 3 cents difference.

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Another fuel thread?

Yeah, dis-lex-sic. It seems like only yesterday that we beat up the E10 versus non-Ethanol fuel topic to death. But it was actually more than two years ago.

Here's some early thoughts on fuels for the 2IS:




Not much has changed since then, except that:

- Mobil retail's been taken over by 7-Eleven for some time (raising the question of where they might be getting their fuel nowadays)

- Shell has increased the gap between their 95 and 98 octane fuels to 6c/L, arguably giving the Unleaded 95 more bang for buck under any driving conditions.

- Two or three years ago, United marketed a premium unleaded fuel with 10% ethanol. That went off the market sometime last year, but United now sells both a 98 octane and 100 octane product with 10% ethanol.

A more recent thread about whether fuel might correct exhaust smell issues can be found here:


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I have used BP Ultimate, 7 Eleven, Shell V-Power which all are 98 RON and agree with most people here.

BP Ultimate gave me the most KMs and is very responsive.

7 Eleven and Shell V-Power gave me the same KMs, however Shell V-Power felt very sluggish.

The only thing I would like to know is would there be any difference if I filled up with BP PULP 95?

The only reason why I'm asking is the difference between PULP 95 and 98 is 6c/L.

Various reports - from A Current Affair to NRMA - show that 98 octane fuel gives you more distance than 95 octane fuel. The question is, how much farther?

At ideal conditions, you'd get 98/95 = 3.2% improvement with PULP 98, but it's generally less than that. At the current cost of fuel, PULP 98 is 3.7% more expensive. So ...

If you're trying to get every last cent of value out of a tank of fuel, go with 95 octane fuel.

Having said that ...

BP Ultimate, Caltex Vortex 98 and Shell V-Power all have detergents in their 98-octane fuel, reducing carbon build-up and the need for a regular fuel injector clean. When it comes to 95-octane fuel, however, BP is the only one that doesn't purport to have detergents in their Unleaded 95 fuel. So using BP Unleaded 95 could cost you more in the long term.

So ...

If you're trying to get every last cent of value out of a tank of fuel, go with either Caltex Vortex 95 or Shell Unleaded 95.

Personally, I stick with BP Ultimate. It costs between 0.5% and 3% more per km travelled, and I don't have to consider whether the fuel is adversely affecting my throttle response.

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