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Rattle When Clutch Is Not Depressed

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Hello everyone,

I'm kinda new to the club but hi.

Since I bought my car, it has been rattling every time the clutch is not depressed. I figured it would be something to do with the clutch or flywheel but I'm not really sure.

Does anyone know what the rattling is?

If you're wondering, my car is an MY06 IS250 Prestige/ Sports (manual)

Thank you

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I think it's just the gearbox being loud. I have an MY06 Sports and I also have that problem.

The getrag gearbox in our cars are indeed loud but they're bulletproof. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Either that or possibly one of your trust bearings on your clutch may be out.

I have the fidanza flywheel + spec stage 2 setup and the rattling is still there which leads me to believe that it's just a loud transmission.

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Yeah there's lots of talk about the rattle. I'm doing an engine swap with a 4GR and a W58 and my only advice to get rid of the rattle would be a sprung disc. Just don't get why they thought an unsprung multi plate would be a good idea on a relitively mild street car.

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