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Is anyone even remotely interested in a group buy for the latest V23 maps? If we get enough prospective buyers, we can transfer funds to the nominated buyer's PayPal. The other option would be of course to wait until someone leaks the V23 DVD in which case old mate Bazzle would probably find it. I've made a list of all V23 packages that I could find so far;

1. navshop au - AUD295 - https://navshop.com.au/collections/lexus

2. navigationau - AUD200 - http://www.navigationau.com/toyota-lexus-navigation-disks.html (site is kinda dodgy considering that they're not accepting PayPal. They only seem to accept a direct bank transfer). UPDATE - DO NOT PURCHASE FROM HERE.

3. eBay - AUD200 - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/V23-2017-Toyota-Lexus-Denso-NAVIGATION-map-DISC-Australia-NZ/302416153562?hash=item4669684bda:g:VBsAAOSwImRYX3p1 (seller only accepts a local pick-up from Armidale unfortunately)


What do all the Lexians think?

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The links in one of my earlier threads are for V22, I doubt too much has changed since then?


This is the Mitsubishi V23 one.


Magnet for the MMCS V23


It does have the loading.kwi on the disk though.

If that can be used on the Toyota DVD it 'may' work. :wacko:

Haven't got time to 'play' atm.....



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Old mate Baz firing up on all cylinders!

Thanks for trying, Atlantis.

Just a word of caution to anybody reading this thread and planning on buying from navigationau. Word of caution - https://www.finance.nsw.gov.au/about-us/media-releases/public-warning-do-not-deal-navigation-systems-australia


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So do you guys use the oem nav alot to warrant getting it over the 22?
I'm sure not much has changed, i usually skip every couple years.
But I still find using google maps much less painful.

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