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On 7/22/2018 at 10:38 PM, Don Brisbane IS350 said:

Does anyone know a good AUSTRALIAN source of carbon fibre interior pieces to replace the plain silver plastic in my 2010 IS350 F Sport? Worried about getting LHD stuff from the web!

Not in Oz but ive seen the work of a guy on Instagram (Elvin).  Singapore based but does CF gear knobs, trims, steering wheels etc and he gets praise from FB, Instagram, Forums etc.  His work is well known.  

Personally havent ordered anything from him yet but you can check out his work on Instragram: elvin_6188

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19 hours ago, ilv1004s said:

abz concepts will be releasing cf trims soon for 2IS and also lip kit 

Where can I get more information about this? Couldn't seem to find anything about "abz concepts" online. 

Very interested.

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product will be available through lexmania ebay and instagram etc

ill update you 

last time i heard they were getting it all done

itll be around 1K for the full not too sure if its core exchange or not


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^ that looks great.  Looks so much better than the outdated and tacky silver/white fake carbon that in the IS-F's now. Would love to know the details (price/is it an exchange program etc).

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