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Just sharing a recent install, as im sure others could benefit from this.  No its not a power mod or will make your ISF faster but it still put a smile on my face after ignoring it for years.

My bonnet has always lifted ok but needed assistance, the gas struts did nothing and dropped kind of heavy.  Same with my boot, very heavy to lift and would slam shut so i know the struts was not doing anything.

I saw some replacements online, eBay etc but also read some reviews about those same aftermarket parts failing not long after so thought id go with a good quality aftermarket with good reviews or OEM.

Anyway to purchase replacements from Lexus will set you back:

Front (none available, have to order from Japan) = $235 + GST

Rear (local) = $252 + GST

Total = $487 AU

Through Lift Support Depot.com i ordered the following:

https://www.liftsupportsdepot.com/sachs-sg329063-gas-charged-hood-lift-support/ = $53.90 USD for 2 x Hood gas struts

https://www.liftsupportsdepot.com/lift-supports-depot-pm1016-gas-charged-trunk-lift-support/ = $49.90 USD for 2 x boot gas struts

Total = $103.80 USD + approx $37.35 USD postage Total = $141.15 USD or $201.20 AU with our crappy dollar.

Regardless, less than 1/2 the price of OEM and its so much nicer closing the boot without it slamming shut, more like a soft close and lifting the bonnet and letting the struts do the rest.  Its the little things but still it all adds up.



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Not disregarding the Sachs', but my OEM fronts blew around 2 months so I purchased a generic set off eBay for $40 delivered and they're perfect. Lifts the bonnet up very easily and closes just as nicely: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/272289952509 Just for a cheaper alternative 😊 

Lexus prices are a joke lol, I remember they quoted me $800 for quite literally just the piece of glass on the mirror (which I had cracked). 



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Good find mate. The bonnet struts on my IS-F were buggered when i bought it and i bought some cheapies off ebay. They worked ok for perhaps 1 year but they are stuffed again now.

The boot ones are also buggered but it never really bothered me enought to replace them.

Sachs make good quality parts so im sure their struts are no different. If i hadnt just sold my car i would have bought some.

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I had my bonnet and boot struts replaced at my local McNaughtans (aka Struts Australia).  I pulled off my old ones and they matched some up for me.

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On 8/11/2019 at 9:42 AM, bazzle said:


What part numbers did you end up with? Their web-page doesn't list Is models.


I can't find my invoice to give you the part number.  What I did though was bring in my OEM struts and they matched them up as best they could.  The OEM struts had no markings on them so it was a bit of trial-and-error to set the correct amount of gas.  I think the guy lost a bit of patience by the end, as he overshot and the force required to close the boot is a bit high - at least there's zero chance of it accidentally closing on me.  I had to secure one end of the struts with an E-clip.  Ended up costing me $77 for the struts, plus a pack of E-clips from Bunnings.  Lexus of Perth wanted over $150 to re-gas the OEM struts.

For $60, I reckon Danny's used IS 350 struts are a good hassle-free option.

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