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Hi all, looking for affordable rear tyres. No track, just road cruising and occasional mildly spirited driving if I find some curves. 

Have done some research, but user feedback is best. Happy for any suggestions, but cost is an issue.

Some I am considering include (price high to low)

kumho ps91 or 71

hankook h452

kenda kr400

davanti dx460.

Also, should I get a wheel alignment at the same time? Front tyres are fine.



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If its driving true and tyres wearing nice and even,  on a Lexus I would not touch alignment.

If front have too much inner or outer wear then yes and set front to '0' toe. About all that can be adjusted.

I prefer Michelin's , esp Pilot Sport 4,s

Get a price on those as well, highly recommended on a few forums.

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Yep, PS4 are excellent... last two sets of tyres on mine have been PS3 and now PS4

From your list, I wouldn't buy anything less than the Hankooks. I have an odd distrust for those cheap/random brands.

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Actually pricing a set of 235/40/18 and 265/40/18 for mine tomorrow.

Have 225/40/18 and 255/40/18 currently in PS4.

Going up one size to make speedo a bit more accurate (+1.5%) and to help protect rims, esp front.

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No an issue in this case. My speedo is 4% high . New tires are 1.5% less when new so now closer to 2.5%.



At 100kph on speedo with new oem sizes gps was showing 96kph. Now it shows approx 98kph. I'm happy with that.

New tires cost $1100 the set, from Bob Jane Ringwood, f&b inc old tyre disposal.

Michelin PS4's...

235/40/18 fronts were $160 each.

265/40/18 rears were $390 each 

They even look proper on the rims, no bulging, very happy.


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Mine runs 4.5% too fast as measured by several GPS units.

When I used to run 20" wheels on the car (285/30/20 on the rear) the speedo would read exactly correct.

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I had them on an Audi S3 when I purchased it a couple of years ago. Seemed ok but I did notice a driving difference when I replaced with PS4's.. (my favoutite )

Most likely fine for your purpose.

edit: What are the current front tyres? These  are also important on these cars

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Thought about it, but a bit expensive. Ended up getting the kumho ps71s for $380 the pair fitted and balanced. 

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