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The End of Lexus IS, RC, CT in Australia

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Due to changed safety regulations, the just-updated IS as well as RC and CT will stop selling in Australia in November:


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Extremely... I don't want a SUV of any sort, so getting rid of nearly the entire sedan/coupe range is ridiculous.

I guess I have to keep saving for an LS, as there is no GS any more either 😞

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On 8/18/2021 at 5:15 PM, Zokie22 said:

Read that the 4th gen might be using the Mazda engine being developed now. Wonder how that'll be

inline 6 turbo co shared with mazda 6 biggest change here is the RWD layout of the 6 from FWD

it wont be a mazda engine itll be a toyota deveopled engine using mazda R and D
toyota has a history of inline 6 mazda doesnt

but then again who knows if it'll be a inline 6 might be a V6

just like the new yaris is the mazda 2 shared chassis 

toyoa already has number of turbo engines now so it might be used in the IS






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