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Anyone else seen the YouTube clip where one of the struts for the boot lid is replaced and its got more gas in it and so the boot lid opens completely? If I don't open the boot lid for a week or so I've got to be like superman to get it open. Any other time it just grunts when you push the button and only open an inch. Not to mention the missus dumps all the shopping in the back seat cause its easier! 

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Would have been nice to include the video so people knew what you were talking about:

I would never do this though. Just what you need on a rainy day... a boot full of water.

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Well I don’t know how to include a video but thought it was pretty self explanatory. As for getting a boot full of water? No more water than you’d get either way

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I like the idea. I did similar on a golf hatch years ago but changed both for slightly higher rated.

Might look into this idea later by using 2 with not as high a force as the one in the video.

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I tried with some odd struts I had lying around, length was a bit shorter but still fitted for the trial. The ball ends dont fit properly on the inner pin no matter what all the youtube vids say.

Had some with I think about 300N of force. The boot certainly opened nicely but when shut the force lifted the rear corners of the boot lid 😞

It was also reasonably hard to shut to get it over centre.

Got a set of Lexus struts and had a refill chap try them at about 20% over oem. This seems to be not too bad. Boot lid does not swing open but it does lift about 70-100mm when you pop the switch instead of sitting just open. 

FSport lid is also a bit heavier than standard ones.

At least I had a go. Cost $60 for the refill. Would they work better with a bit more force???......... Got another $60?... 🙂



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