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Was driving around newtown today for dinner and turned out from an alley on to king st and the steering locked........ :-( no steering control whatsoever! Needless to say it was very embarrassing to have your Lexus broken down in the middle of king st!

Contacted Lexus DriveCare who in turn organised NRMA to come out! About 40 minutes later they showed up and had a look. Checked belts, fluid levels, fuses and ecu! But nothing.....! So had to get it towed home and now i'm going to contact Lexus in the morning. Not very happy about it! What was supposed to a nice drive turned out to be a four hour nightmare!

Luckily i was driving 15km/h and not 110km/h........!

Oh, and to make it worse, i had just washed and waxed the car in the afternoon so it was very shiny!

The lesson here? Don't wax your car otherwise your steering gets upset, haha....... :-)



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Correct me if Im wrong peoples, but the steering set up in the is250 is electronic and has circuitry which feeds back to / receives from the central computer as opposed to the stock-standard power steering. Perhaps a sensor has gone or a malfunction in the computer. Could just be a case of resetting the computer - but that's cold comfort when you've broken down!

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Hey Cevu,

First and foremost, welcome back mate!!! 2 weeks away from the forum is just not on!! :angry: HAHA!!

I can understand your pain. I was in a mates 911 a while ago and the turbo decided to s#%t its self!!

Perfect opportunity like you say for all to have a laugh!

So by saying "locked up" did it literally lock up on you or did the steering just free wheel??

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it actually locked up so no steering control whatsoever! had to be towed out of the middle of king st! anyway, NRMA checked everything they could of checked and nothing was loose/cut/missing or appeared out of place.

anyway, i've contacted lexus and its been towed into them. now just waiting to see what they find and what they're going to do about it!

anyone have opinions on what should be done as i thought this was a very dangerous problem to have and a little embarrasing for a lexus. my partner feels very insecure about driving the car when it comes back now but it's not like lexus is going to say, "heres they keys to another one!"

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That's bad. I know King St Newtown can be a busy place as well.

I'm not Lexus but considering the circumstance of when it locked up upon turning a corner - Maybe a connection came loose or something?

I know when you open one of the doors after ignition off the steering locks.

Let us know how you go with this.

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I feel ya, and I know exactly where ya car broke down too :ph34r:

don't tell me you were there?


Welcome back mate, hope u had a good time....mate all jokes aside but this incident with you is very serious, i would not take it lightly. I would be hard on Lexus...i know they would not give you another car but if this happens again and GOD forbid you have to take someone to court, that is extremely dangerous. You have a wife and kids, mate you have yourself even to worry about in such situation. At this stage i would keep all info, pics, logs etc of this incident, just in case.

When i had my first lexus which was written off by a taxi, my tyre popped as i was driving on the M2, i was doing 100km/hr, i started swerving everywhere, lucky no one was next to me. Luckily not long after i had the car replaced by GIO cause of the rite-off accident.

I hope it goes well for you.

something occured to me, just make sure they dont try to blame it on you, saying you modified your car, played with wires etc, i know it has nothing to do with it but these guys will do anything to get out of trouble...

Good luck mate...

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