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hey guys

had my 4" tips installed today (resonator delete end of this week!)

heres how it turned out





i think there good, but stick out a bit too much

but you can only really see it from exactly side on

my friend/s said it looks good when they were driving behind me, but i dunno~

im satisfied tho for now

im gonna get some quotes on how much it is to get em cut about 1.5cm - 2cm

Midas told me $150

tell me what u guys think, i know it's not gonna be liked by everyone, but i think its alright'

also, soz for blurry/crappy pics, took em with my phone

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Man how you pay for the tips installed? A reputable exhaust place would ensure you have the right size and if not cut and fit it the perfect way first time!

I had put 3.5" on mine with quality ends, quite thick and its a perfect fit.

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got it done at midas for 100$ (including tips)

and yeh, i didnt know they would stick out so much, gonna have to get em shortened

will have a look at some places tomrrow morning

they look fine from behind, just they stick out a bit too much when looked at from the side, which is bugging me

can anyone recommend any place in sydney??


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you might wanna leave it on

if your planing to put the GFX rear or sum other rear kit on

my muffler tips sticked out alot rear the standard rear

but once i put the gfx rear

it looked perfect

so if you shorten it and then go for a kit later on

it might look too short lol

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thanks guys

i decided (after starring at it for a long time) that i would just leave it until i can save up for either the GFX (only front and back tho) or a INGS+ kit, maybe even Vertex

im being a cheapo and holding out on a actual exhaust till i can get my car lowered + a kit

i'll post back when my resonator is deleted


thanks for the input

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I had my resonator deleted as well, its worth it -just make sure they do a proper job..

Don't get midas to do it, they will charge an arm - very bad stories i heard about them. Just find a local exhaust place.

Anyway with no resonator you get a little reonance and a touch more raspy sound. But letting you know now its not super noticable, in an underground carpark rev the hell out of it then its obvious!!

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well, i havent done the resonator delete (decided not to) and im just saving for a midpipe

but with the tips, they dont really change the sound, my friend recons when i redline it, it sounds more growly from the back, but most my sound is from my intake

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nar, im leaving them that length and waiting for a lip kit

IS-F lights first and debadge (maybe resonator delete aswell, still contemplating)

i'll make a video tonight, some pass bys and in car as well

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sorry man, forgot the take my camera out

i'll try to get some up asap

but the thing is with videos, it doesnt really do the car justice

u have to hear it for real, lol

still comtemplating the resonator delete, the cat converter is seperate to the resonator right??

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The 'resonator' would either be the muffler or a hotdog in the exhaust which is used to alter the frequencies/tones of the exhaust to generally quieten it down, where as the cat converter serves a different purpose. So I guess, YES, the cat and the resonator would be two different things. :)

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