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  1. Interior parts FS

  2. Interior parts FS

    I have for sale my centre console and door hardware that came out of my 2012 is350 F Sport. I removed them ( actually Danny did it for me) when I bought a black set from another member after only a month after purchase of the car when new. I packed and wrapped them and they are therefore in near new condition and a great way to refresh your interior if your set are scratched up as they scratch quite easily! They really are in great condition and you won't be disappointed. Model: is 250/350 2is Location: caves beach ( top of central coast but I am happy drive closer to Sydney if it Helps Price: make an offer. The worse I can say is no. Contact: mark 0417834728
  3. 2012 Is350 F Sport Nsw

    Appreciate the information. I had actually asked this at my last service as I changed jobs and no longer work for that company so I was worried I would lose the privilege. They said it carried on regardless. I had incorrectly assumed that it would transfer with the sale. Thanks for the important heads up And I have amended my post accordingly. Mark
  4. 2012 Is350 F Sport Nsw

    Hi all, up for sale or trade is my IS350 in starlight Black. This is the last of the model type and as such has the last of the upgrades including the Bluetooth streaming audio and hard drive sat nav. It is a Dec 2012/ Jan 13 complied vehicle and has all the great features we know and love. The car currently has just ticked over 50K. It also has the balance of the 4 yr warranty which is over 2 years. finally you get your free fortnightly car hand car wash by logging on to lexus website and booking it in. so you can enjoy your café coffee while they wash your car every fortnight and that halves the times you need to clean it yourself! The only change I made to the car was to upgrade the interior centre console and switches to the metallic black (thanks ILV1004s!) and I still have the original silver which will go with the car. I have it currently listed on Gumtree but thought I should throw it up here as well. The ID for the ad is 1059946729. Just drop it in the search bar and check it out!! I have it listed there for $45k, but I would accept $40k to fellow member. I love the car and it has been a pleasure to own. I changed jobs recently and as I can no longer claim the benefits as I did at my previous place of work, it needs to go for a more suitable vehicle. That suitable vehicle could be an IS250 with cash my way as I am not looking to leave Lexus, just get some more money back on the house if possible. Make an offer! I can be contacted on 0417834728 and feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions. Mark
  5. I have version 20 .... problem is I have the late 2012 IS350 with the hard drive and USB... anyone know how to install via USB? Mark
  6. Fs: Avs Window Visors (Sold)

    you still got these?
  7. 2011 Is350 For Sale

    yes, but even the salesman advised me to go elsewhere as the Lexus cost is apparently really high...
  8. 2011 Is350 For Sale

    nice 350 Nick. can I ask you where you got the Tow Bar from? I want one for the same reason to get a bike rack for me and the kids...
  9. not sure to be honest. I will check in the morning and post what I find in the avo. Mark
  10. Rob, i wish i had your problem with an ISF as a daily!!! thats awesome.... and i am jealous!
  11. the extra Killer Wasps are awesome. i have just completed by first 1000kms in my new 350 and the fuel cost is the killer! but i wouldn't exchange economy for power EVER! i loce putting the boot in ever now and then adn as teh engine opens up and runs it, it will only get better.... so far, the lust is still alive and well! lol
  12. Hi !

    congrats Vinh, i just bought one on the weekend too! they are an awesome machine. did you get the updated HD sat nav version or the earlier version?
  13. got it yesterday and already scratched a rim :( unbelievable..... also done almost 700kms :) In terms of price, they are similar. both Chatswood and Newcastle were willing to do this price. pm me your number and i can ring you about it if you like. Mark
  14. Lexus rang today and the lease company has delayed the order so pick it up on Saturday.... might have to go for a big drive to run her in :)