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Today I decided to replace my battery as it's showing signs of dying for the past week. ~4 years in service since new.

Got a new Century battery.

Word of warning though the new 2012 catalogues (not just for century but other brands as well) have the IS250 listed as a type which doesn't fit the dimensions of the battery tray (Slightly smaller). The right size and CCA rating is the one that's listed for the ISF. It's funny on the websites they have the correct battery type but their printed material is different.

I compared my old factory Panasonic battery with the one listed for the ISF and it's the same size. Now the car starts smoothly everytime.

Just wanted to share my experience if your up for a new battery.

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Thanks for that,

Did anything reset when you removed the battery?

I was thinking of buying an aftermarket replacement battery for my car.. unsure if i should go standard lexus or aftermarket

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Things you have to set after removing the battery. From memory it's the clock, radio presets, speedo & tacho alert range.

To be honest I think my fuel economy even improved from the ECU reset :)

No point upgrading the battery unless you got huge a$$ sound system or the battery struggles to start the car (Like mine did).

/My 2c

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i bought the small one and just forced the bracket over the top of the battery... should i go swap it?

the guy at the store gave me that one and i only realised after installing it and the dimesions didnt line up. but my other battery was completly flat and didn't really have another option. its been going strong for about a month now. might be too late to swap now aswell. damnit... :(

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My wife ran mine flat. I just ended up buying a century battery. No need to go oem. They likely use aftermarket batteries anyway. The oem is a Panasonic battery and I doubt they stock them.

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I replaced the battery on my IS250 Sports Luxury about 2 months ago.

Got it done at a local tyre shop which stocks Century. They recommended what the website also recommended which was the NS70L (http://www.centurybatteries.com.au/resources/battery-finder/product/ns70l). Seems to fit fine when I watched them fit it.

This is the 2nd time its been replaced, prior to that it was replaced in 2013 with the same battery.

I wanted to give Supercharge a go, they recommend this one (http://www.supercharge.com.au/supercharge-gold-plus-mf80d26l.html). However my Dad only trusts Century for some weird reason.

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