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Curb Rash On Isf Wheels


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Just go to a rim repair shop.....I had all mine done here in WA and they did a great job....it was about $180 a rim including painting

Thanks for the response. I have my yearly service with the dealer this wednesday so I might just ask if they can fix it all up at the same time. At least I know it should be fairly simple to repair. Hopefully they have the tools on site to repair it and not having to send the wheel away.

Will give them a call tomorrow to confirm.

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Yes. Just minor scrapes. There's no chunk


I'm dropping my car off for a a service at the dealer. So if they can fix the wheel at that time, I'll just leave it with them.

As long as I know it can be done I'm happy.

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I had gotten my IS-F wheels done by the Wheelman (see link from mikenbn's post). Their work is pretty good and I'm quite happy with how the wheels came out.

Price wise, they were the most competitive out of all the places I went to and they come to you which is a plus. They can also do the repairs with the wheels still on the car.

Anyways, pics or it didn't happen.

Rear left wheel:

https://lh3.googleus...o/s693/2013 - 1

After repair:

https://lh3.googleus...w/s693/2013 - 5

You can see that there's no more scratches on the spoke but there's still a few scratches around the stamped bit. He didn't want to eat into it too much. You can't tell unless you are right up close though.

Rear right wheel:


After repair:


The front wheels weren't too bad. There were only some minor scuff marks which they got out pretty easily.

Forum wouldn't let me upload the photos for some reason, but hopefully the links work.

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The links work well.

I'm keen on getting mine repaired. I bought my car with rash on it but I may well save the money for a new set of rims instead, not sure; will depend on how much they cost to repair.

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