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Bullits Build Thread


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As some of you would have seen on Club Lexus I have done quite a few mods in the last 2 months, thought I would post here as well.

- Paint protection film on all forward facing panels

- LED Interior lights and reverse lights

- stealth chrome indicator bulbs front and rear

- KW V3 coilovers

- Blacked out window trim

- JoeZ intake and AFE dry filter

- flat bottom steering wheel (all leather with blue stitching)

- Concavo wheels 20x9 front with 245/30 and 20x10.5 rear with 285 25 Goodyear Eagle tyres

- Phillips Chrystal vision fog light bulbs

- Borla axle back exhaust

ISS Forged DES exhaust on its way

Had these shots done on the weekend.


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Thanks Mike. My new exhaust is arriving shortly so looking forward to putting that on. I may have to also raise the car a little on the rear, its not scraping at all it just has serious negative camber and considering the 285 25 rear tyres cost a packet I'm worried ill wear them out in no time. What did you do with yours, do you have the figs engineering adjustable lower control arms to allow for camber adjustment?

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Exhaust really makes a big diff, really adds personality to the F.

Camber is not too bad on mine & the car is a weekend ride, also I recommend getting tires from tirerack. Heaps cheaper than oz prices.

I'm looking at the arms next, lower and upper links but only so I can squeeze 295 PSS on the rear.. I think if the car is a daily you should invest in it. I've heard really good things about FIGS products.

Are headers on the list ?

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I have considering headers, my car is my daily diver so ill see how the new exhaust is first.

Might have to look at those lower control arms, not sure if my tyres will fit under guards if I straighten up the wheels once control arms are on

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The car looks amazing, well done.

I've been eyeing off Vossen CV3s in the same size for mine. Will see if I ever do it (maybe if my weekend car stops costing me money).

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Looks spot on as is either way.

No scrubbing issues at all? How's the ride on the KWs and 20s?

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Looking forward to hearing what you think.

Have you had the car dyno'd with the various systems?

No I haven't put the car on a dyno. To be honest I don't drive my car that hard so its hard to tell how much difference each exhaust makes. It's more of a sound thing for me

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Thanks guys. I have another exhaust being installed tomorrow. This will be my 3rd in as many months or 4th if you include my factory system.

Which exhuast did you get installed??

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I'm not swapping to the JoeZ now, I'm keeping my ISS Forged system. I've never heard it from the outside of car before so i got my wife to drive it while I stayed behind and it does sound really good.

May look at some headers if there are any other choices for RHD cars besides Novel. I can't justify the $6000 price tag plus fitting coats for them.

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