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Hi guys, 

I am looking into buying a is250 2010-2012 but juggling between the f sport and potentially the x? 

Personally love the f sport finishes especially wheels, seats and grill. 

Would be looking to change the grill if I purchased the x

It's a bit of a situation as I live in QLD where an x is available for a fair price but I'm also looking in melb for an f sport that's fair price but has done 100km.

Is there anything I should be wary of with those kms. 

Also trying to justify price because if I get the one from melb I'd have to fork out for freight, new rego and transfer? 

Will be used for everyday drive.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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there alot of differneces between the X and F sport

-sound system

-body front spoiler and grille (will set u back atleast 1K) and half if u do find any F sport wrecks



-Telescopic steering wheel

-memory seats


what is a fair price?

X is a lower grade than F sport

so the F sport prices are higher than X




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Thanks for that! 

So would you go f sport over the x even if the mileage is 35000km more with prices being similar or even slightly cheaper for the f sport?

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yes i would do that

the F sports are sought after than the X as well for the obvious reasons as mentioned on my first post

oh and i forgot to point out F sport has bucket seats compared to the rest of the line up

they are similar to the ISF bucket seats


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Yes, definitely a huge fan of the extra f sport features.

Is there much difference in performance wise for x and f sport for is250? 

Test drove the is250 x today and it felt heavy. Quite comfortable but definitely missing some good features. 

It probably wasn't a good idea to go drive the is350 f sport then a 250 x lol. Definitely a huge difference in performance.

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12 hours ago, plankton007 said:

I got a 350 F Sport for sale if you're interested =D

It's an MY13 model with the upgraded HDD nav and BT streaming.

PM me too plz

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