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Special Order is not what I expected....help

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Im almost sick in the stomach. My special order NX300 arrived in my local store in Australia yesterday and I particularly wanted the following:


- gold color (Titanium - tick)

- airconditioned seats (Sports Luxury - tick)

- white interior (white on white - tick)


I was leaving my 1.5 yr old Mercedes GLC250 behind and returning to be a lexus customer as they couldnt do the above (or very well) and I was excited to say the least after 3+ months of waiting.....  


Until I arrived to my dismay when the doors were opened it was a dark rich cream on black. It almost made me puck! how can white end up being a strong banana yellow (the color difference was startling) and then to top it off, after enquiring with the Manager - i ordered white - he says - "you got what you ordered".


I asked him to pull up the order - yes - it clearly says white /white interior - I recall in the lead up to the order some 3 months ago, I particularly went backwards and forwards confirming the white interior was white. I studied the lexus build website many times. Clearly it shows white on the website, in line with the head liner. So how did it turn into strong milkshake yellow?


I dont know....but the answer i got when I asked if anything can be done about it. Was nothing! you have to pay.....yep pay up, its your fault we sold you a car with what you ordered. Suck it up that its not the color you expected


Surely Lexus should know when they advertise White on white interior, and the photos it shows online of what the "interior" should look like, it shouldnt expect a customer to have to question why it turned into deep rich cream and then not think the customer will go? "what".... a light colored interior is pretty special...how can they get it so wrong.


So I walked out of the Managers office in disbelief, he was attempting to get my signature on the registration documents as quickly as possible. I said,  I cant. He said - well theres nothing I can do....I was sick in the stomach....


So lexus friends....does anyone have a contact for Scott Thompson CEO of Lexus as I think this needs to be bought to his attention.


Im about to walk away from Lexus right now and never return after this experience.....

The white image below is what is depicted on the website when I ordered it. (yes its a little off white, but when you compare it to the head liner you can distinguish it)

The image below is of the what the car looks like (banana yellow/milkshake yellow - also noted as cream on black online) i found one online that shows what i was delivered.





Please will you help.


Long lost Lexus fan..thankyou

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I like the yellow-ish one, but that's beside the point. I don't understand how they could force you to pay for something you didn't order. It's their mess up and they should deal with it. Are there no clear traces of what your order exactly was? I'd expect better from Lexus, honestly.

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This is what happened. it all came down to translation I think from Japanese to English

when I ordered the car, as the salesman hadnt any specs in store, we use the online "build your car" tool

I selected "white" for the interior - and it looks white onine on his computer - almost tippex white

however when the car came - it was far from white - it was rich dark cream - almost milkshake yellow - and puck.

The salesperson looked at the brochure - which has "white" as rich dark cream color (aka puck) and "rich dark cream" as white - and said - yes you got what you ordered. I said - hang on something is not right here.

and as we had ordered "white" on the system - it clearly had come as "rich dark cream". the strong suggestion was i had received what was ordered and needed to pay the final balance.

After finding a number at Lexus Head office (which is hard to get) and being redirected back to the dealership - I emailed the Manager who also responded by agreeing that the "white" I had ordered was in fact not white  at all. And followed thru there was no pressure to continue to purchase the car. They arranged a refund of the deposit and then advised as the NX was a relatively new model they were unaware of the differences.

I find that hard to believe a 3 year old model stuff up - was blamed on the ignorance of the dealers in ordering those types of colors. 

What is worse - is they didnt even ask me if they could keep me as a customer and order the "correct car" they just let it go, then proceeded to request the Lexus Melbourne Cup tickets they had just given me - back - to which in dismay i left LEXUS with the worst taste in my mouth. I was willing to leave Mercedes Benz and come back to Lexus. Where is the love?

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Sorry to hear about your shocking experience.  Buying something cheap like a shirt, well we often leave the store and chalk it up to a poor experience but something as expensive as a new car, as a consumer, why on earth would the dealer expect you to pay for something you didnt order.  Did they assume, they would know better than you as to your colour preference and the sign the dotted line.  Talk about pressuring.

Have you provided feedback requesting a response from the actual Lexus website.  Im sure you have the option to leave feedback and be responded via Email or a phone call.  Im sure Lexus Head Office would not be impressed on how the dealer made a bad situation worse and not only lost the transaction but potentially a customer for life and more potential customers based on the experience you are sharing.

Ps Then to have their focus on the tickets they gave you.  Hmm they seemed quite efficient in that department lol

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