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I have friend in Taiwan who works in bodykits shop. He is able to get us a great quality factory style spoiler.

just post up to see any interest for anyone who want to get one? the shipping alone is about $120 due to the long length, will get cheaper if we have enough people to pack up all together.

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I got one off eBay US for $180 delivered and painted. Looks great, well worth it. To me it doesn't resemble an Aurion but everyone has their own views..

Hey guys,

How did y'all attach it? D/s tape?? Can someone post a close up pic of their boot lid with it on??

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Pics anyone?

This is the factory one....



Sorry about the bad photos but all I have....

Thanks for the pics!!

I know that your one was oem, what is the quality like. Can U see any waves in the moulding?

Quality is excellent. Still looks the same now as it did when I picked up the car.

I think if your car is in the sun a lot you might get some waving or warping, but my one rarely sees the sun.

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So I guess the overall satisfaction with the spoiler is good!! And for those that fitted it them selves, no hassles with the D/S tape!! All good??

Niick, you probably the wrong one to ask as your ride is black, but I assume the colour was matched well!?!?

Thanks for the pics fellas!!

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