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All the cars you have ever owned list!


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All the cars I've owned? That's a bit of a stretch, but here goes. The years are approximate as didn't buy many of these from new.

My cars (and my beloved's):

  • 1958 Standard 10 - had a fold-down back seat. Just the thing for the drive-in B)
  • Late 60s Ford Cortina
  • 1975 Audi Fox (x2) - nice, honest little cars. Great for a long drive. I took one between Kalgoorlie and Perth dozens of times.
  • 1979 Audi 100 5E - absolutely beautiful car, but succumbed to chronic overheating. :( Before it carked itself I drove it many times between Perth & Port Hedland with a young family on board. It was gorgeous!
  • Mid 70s VW fastback - only kept it a few months
  • Late 70s Cortina 6 - bloody awful
  • Mitsubishi Express L300 van - the family was getting bigger. Thank God I never crashed the thing!
  • 1985 Subaru station wagon - great little wagon. Really comfortable and practical. It had rubber mats on the floor and plastic door liners but still managed to look reasonably classy.
  • Toyota Lite Ace people mover - a lot better than the Mitsubishi, but that wasn't hard
  • 1995 Subaru Liberty - good solid sedan, and quite comfortable
  • 2001 Subaru Outback - much like the Liberty, but nicer, and a station wagon
  • 1995 Subaru Impreza - She Who Must Be Obeyed kept this for 12 years, then passed it down to our nephew. It's still going strong.
  • 2008 Subaru Impreza - first of the hatchbacks. It replaced the old Impreza. Really smooth drive, but the interior was very cheap. We sold this one to get the Lexus.
  • 2006 Mercedes-Benz C180K. Much maligned but really a very nice car. SWMBO drives this one.
  • 2006 Lexus RX350 My current drive. Not much more to say about this one. :)

Company cars

  • 1977 Holden Belmont - a true shocker
  • 1978 Ford Cortina - not too bad. This was a 4 cylinder which I had before I bought the six. The four was a much better car.
  • 1980 Chrysler Valiant - It was big.
  • 1982 Falcon wagon - a real Friday car. badly assembled, rattled. Got rid of it as soon as possible.
  • 1984 Commodore wagon - not a lot to say. It was a car.

This was a great idea for a thread - brings back lots of memories.

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I bought my first car December 2004 and it was a slightly used 04 Mitsubishi CH Lancer VR-X in Black. Had that for about 9 months then sold it.

Then in September 2005 I bought a 2002 Mitsubishi TJ Ralliart Magna (possibly my favourite car I've owned so far) with only 8,000kms on it. Was basically as new. I had this at for 17 months and sold it in February 2007.

3rd car was a Black 2004 Mazda RX-8 with red leather trim. Bought it through a Mazda dealer I worked for at the time. Was a fun car but not very practical. Only had it for 8 months then traded (straight swap for my 4th car...

A Blue 2004 Holden VZ SS Commodore sedan in October 2007.. Not sure why I went for one of these. Hardly drove it because fuel got expensive and I bought a Daihatsu Mira to run around for work in. Had this for 22 months until I sold it because I had only done 1,500kms in it in 12 months.

Then I bought my current car in August 2009 - a 2009 (brand new) Mitsubishi Ralliart Colt in silver.

Thats now been traded on a 2011 IS350 F Sport in pearl white with a moonroof that should be here very soon. Can't wait to pick it up!!

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i got a long list for a short amount of period

theres more than i can add to the list but i didnt add cuz i hated them

1992 Honda civic Breeze (1.3L carby later i blew the motor up and swaped the motor out of it)**first car how could you not love it**

1990 R32 Nissan GTR **true jap legend awsome car though i didnt love it as much as i nearly spent 40K on the car**

1982 Toyota corolla ae82 *got me around when i blew the gtr motor up in piece and i didnt give a rats poo about it as i smashed it into walls and such great fun car.. toyotas never die

1990 Daihatsu Charade **drove it for 4 months whilist i had the gtr in the shops for the 2nd time** this car is awsome no serviceing and it still runs and handbrake turns

1993 Honda civic Breeze **couldnt get away from them**

2003 Lancer Evo 8 *loved it*

2006 Lexus IS250 *loved it but not cuz it was fast*

2002 Nissan Stagea AR-X *awsome wagon like a subaru outback but faster* was done up to the point it was smashing m3's

2006 Lexus IS250 sports *loved it again bought a IS250 with EMV this time*

2005 Liberty GT wagon **just awsome//power//room//comfort//safety//

2009 Lexus ISF *must i say more? it's a ISF*

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1999- Mercedes Benz S500

2001-BMW M3

2003-Volvo XC90, Lexus Ls400

2005-Mercedes S63 Amg (My lovely)

2006-Lamborghini Gallardo (Brand new, 1 km)

2007- Ferrari Modena (Brand new)

2009- Lexus LX470

2010- Lamborghini Reventon

2011-Lamborghini Aventador

2012-My Lexus LFA!

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1998 - MY90 Suzuki Swift - $900 Learner's car, 1.2L 3 Cylinders, Sold it for $500

2000 - MY94 Honda Accord VTI - High School runaround car, oh... good memories...

2003 - MY98 Toyota Camry CSI - Uni runaround car, designated clubbin driver

2006 - MY00 Honda S2000 - First Job Reward (Written-off after 3 month, drifting on Delhi Rd toward Chatswood, flipped the car at the gutter after lose control.)

2006 - MY06 Honda Integra TypeS - Life after S2000, stick with Honda but a FWD. My modification addiction starts!

2010 - MY09 Mercedes Benz S350L - Daily company car, nothing exciting, handling like a boat. Good for clients.

2011 - MY11 Mercedes Benz GL500 - Boss's old ride, upgraded to Range Rover, so left me with this for company car 5.5L V8, again like a boat...

2012 - MY12 Holden SV6 - Company car in NZ, kiwi digs Holden. Really nice car to drive, big thumb up at Holden.

2012 - MY07 Lexus IS250X - Brought for the missus, I'm driving it until she comes back from oversea. By then looking for a SUV for myself/family.

Dream Car - Aston Martin DBS or future replacement.

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1999- Mercedes Benz S500

2001-BMW M3

2003-Volvo XC90, Lexus Ls400

2005-Mercedes S63 Amg (My lovely)

2006-Lamborghini Gallardo (Brand new, 1 km)

2007- Ferrari Modena (Brand new)

2009- Lexus LX470

2010- Lamborghini Reventon

2011-Lamborghini Aventador

2012-My Lexus LFA!

Dreams can be impressive.

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My list is probably not as long as others, but here goes nothing then. The following list of cars is according to first car of ownership to present in chronological order.

Year: 1995

Make: Nissan

Model: Micra

Series: SLX

Colour: White

Version: 5 Door Hatchback

Gearbox: CVT Transmission

Mods: 13" Rims with Low Profile Michelin Tyres, Tinting, Aftermarket Pioneer Stereo System, Powerchip

Year: 1976

Make: Datsun

Model: 260Z

Series: 2+2

Colour: Bronze

Version: 2 Door Coupe

Gearbox: 3 Speed Jacks Transmission

Mods: None, all original. Loved the default exhaust system

Year: 1999

Make: Ford

Model: Falcon

Series: AU I

Colour: Silhouette Jet Black

Version: 4 Door Sedan

Gearbox: 4 Speed Auto

Mods: ALSA Mystic Violet Dreams upon Tribal Stickered flames onto Bonnet, Pioneer Stereo System, Very Dark Tint (Legal questionable), 14 or 15" Rims with Low Profiles, Lowered Pedders Suspension.

Year: 2000

Make: Ford

Model: Falcon

Series: AU II

Colour: Silver

Version: 4 Door Sedan

Gearbox: 4 Speed Auto

Mods: Tickford Rims & Tyres, Tinting, Ezy-Gas LPG System

Year: 2005

Make: Ford

Model: Territory

Series: TX SX RWD

Colour: Lightning Silver

Version: 5 Door SUV

Gearbox: 4 Speed Sports Auto

Mods: Tinting

Year: 2012

Make: Lexus

Model: RX 350

Series: Prestige

Colour: Metallic Grey

Version: 5 Door SUV

Gearbox: 6 Speed Sports Auto

Mods: Tinting (Front)

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ok heres my list, keep in ind ive had my licence 6 years, haha

1976 celica liftback: bought it for my first car for $300 got a rwc then sold it for $1000

hz panel van inherrited it from my uncle then i sold it to my mate then i realised what they were worth :( he wrote it off

1988 honda civic great run around had like 400 km though died and i sold it for 180 to scrap

1991 vn commodore stuck with this for the first 3 years of my p plates as i live in a country town i lived the bogan dream haha. this thing still drives around town, it would have to have 500+km now

1988 honda crx -- this is the car i class as my first real car, i saved for it, i modded it and it made hot 4's a few times once as a feature car and many times as p plate special and cruises and readers cars, i sold this to buy a house and fund my idea to start a small panel shop sold it for $9500

1992 ed ford falcon mate moved away and i bought this for the remaining rego, was my dedicated skid car for 3 months then sold it for $500

1993 vp commodore 5 speed, i bought this cause the old guy who owned it was an original owner it was clean and i figured i would sell it for a mint, ........ it got stolen :(

1991 honda gen2 crx found it at a wrecker down the sunshine coast, it had mugen goodies bolted on everywhere the wrecker said it needed a clutch and gearbox (had both of these at home) he thought it was a civic haha i got it for $1000 then i modded it painted it shaved door handles, everything opened and closed started ect, via remote, then couldnt get it to pass rwc here in qld so sold it to a vic honda member for 5k

1994 honda accord vtec needed a daily while i was fixing up the crx above, got this to swap out the engine but it was single cam and not worth the time, so kept it till i sold the crx then started looking for a clean crx.

1990 honda gen2 crx i bought this one as i also had bought the 2x gen1s below i had plans to make a track car out of them and with the accord sold i wanted another tidy gen 2 as a daily,

1985 gen1 crx both of these made 1 good track car, 1 was already half done both were drivable, the 87 si ballard shell is still at my parents just collecting rust and spare parts inside haha.

1987 gen1 crx

1988 honda gen2 crx got this one as result of spraying a customers car, it was in bad shape, i just parted it out :(

1993 mitsubishi express van bought this as i went through my freestyle bmx stage it was covered in stickers and was the recovery vechile for black duck valley motorcross track, bought it for $500 sold it for 2500

1993 honda legend wanting to go back to the hondas but more of a luxury car i got this, nothing but trouble with the electrics (sat in the bck yard till a few months ago)

2002 subaru forester winter edition this car was purchased as a reward for selling my house was a very nice car but then i moved to brisbane and it wasnt fitting into the car scene with a soccer mums car as my mates said so off it went $15000

1994 honda civic decided i wanted a lexus is200 so bought this till i could find a manual, bought for 800 sold for 1200 5 days later lol.

2003 lexus is200 sport luxury-- was lucky enough to find this on ebay for 10k asking went and looked on thursday night bout 7pm had next to no reciepts but looked tidy the young lady owner couldnt tell me anything so i bartered her to 8500 and jumped at it, it was a great car for close on a year,

2002 vt commodore i fell ill and moved back home, my gf at the time fell pregnant and i had to sell the lexus as she didnt like it and wanted a mazda 6, so sold the lexus bought that then she miss carried and took off with the car (over space of 4 months)

1988 honda crx (current ride) got over females figured hondas have always been kind to me bought this with low km then bombed it out, swapped in a b20vtec engine and converted everything back to stock, has all the go fast bits and is now off the road for turbo conversion,

1993 toyota soarer bought this while the crx was off the road but was insanly thirsty so i used boostcruising for the first time and put it up for trade, and got the hilux below,

1995 toyota hilux 4x4 (current) has vt ecotec engine swap it a great car , had to spend bout 3k ontop of the swap to get it on the road but i love it, it will be used to tow my crx to and from QR and lakeside.

1999 lexus is200 turbo (current) finaly deciding that having a track car and a big 4x4 isnt enough i set out to find a manual is200 again this time with the plan of a 1jz but after looking everywhere and flying to syney to look at a few i found this on the side of the road for sale and it was turbo, i talked the owner from 10k to 8600 so i payed him and drove it back that night, not a problem and i love it, problem is i like it that much i have forgotten about the crx build alot lately haha.

some of these i owed at the same time and thats not including cars i bought to just spray and resell.

i realise i have owned alot of cars for my age but living in a small town with not alot to do i took pride in getting something *BLEEP* giving it paint and fixing it up then seeing someone else enjoying it, also being able to drive around point out " i painted that haha"

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- 1982 RX7 S2 - Red Stock - my first car - Owned 2000/2001

- 1985 RX7 S3 - White Stock - my second car - Owned 2001/2002

- 1983 RX7 S2- Gun Grey, 13B Turbo, Simmons - LOVED this car owned it when I was 18 - Owned 2002/2003

- 1984 RX7 S3 - Grey Stock - daily while I owned the 13BT - Owned 2002

- 1985 RX7 S3 - Yellow - 12A Injected Bridgeport - Fun car I owned for a few months in about 2004

- 1986 RX7 S4 - White Stock 13BT, imported from Japan with 45k kms on it, interior even smelt new - Owned 2003

- 1986 RX7 S4 - Grey PAC built car, T66, OM17 Simmons, 300rwkW owned when I was 19 - Owned 2003

- 2002 RX7 S8 Spirit R Type A - Stock- Owned 2007/2008


- 1972 RX3 S1 - White, stock rusted bucket, had a piston engine fitted, intended to restore it but sold it - Owned 2003

- 1972 RX3 S1 - Green 13B Bridgeport, various Simmons on it, was featured in Fast Fours - Owned it in 2004/5

- 1972 RX3 S1 - 10A, totally stock Mercury Blue with black interior


- 1971 RX2 S1 - Red, stock 12A, Simmons - Owned 2004

Other Mazda

- 1970 Mazda 1300 - White, stock as - Owned 2002

- 1993 Mazda 626 - Cheap daily for a short period, sold and made some money on it - Owned 2005

- 2002 Mazda 323 - Daily for a while - Owned 2005/2006

- 1991 Eunos Cosmo 20B - 230rwkW with exhaust and intake, ran a 13 - Owned 2006/2007


- 2002 Holden Monaro CV8 - M6 Flame/Flame, HSV parts, 257rwkW - Owned 2004-2006

- 2009 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo - White manual, FPV 19s, Brembos - Owned 2011-2012


- 2006 BMW 120i - Grey Stock bough for the wife - Owned 2009-2012

- 2008 BMW 130i - Blue Stock M Sport - Owned 2012-Current


- 1978 Datsun 200B Auto - Beige auto, daily driver in 2004

- 1997 Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec - Sonic silver, stock - Owned 2006-2007

- 1989 Nissan Skyline GTR - Gun Grey, TE37s, suspension work, engine etc 308rwkW - Owned 2009-2012

Muscle Cars

- 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 390 S Code Calypso Coral - Owned 2007/2008

- 1968 Dodge Charger RT 440 - Triple green matching numbers barn find - Owned 2007/2008

- 1968 Dodge Dart GTS 383 - B5 Blue, black interior restored clone - Owned 2008-2009

- 1970 Dodge Challenger RT 440 six pack - Plum crazy purple - 2007-Current

I'm sure I've missed some (probably about 10) but anyway here are some pics....


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Eno that is one very diverse list; I like it.

My list; not nearly as extensive as some:

87 ford meteor

00 Toyota Camry v6

06 WRX (current)

94 R33 GTST (current)

Change in priorities now so the sports cars are going. Driven some awesome stuff in even better locations through the years but I'm now more focused on being outdoors and in the middle of no where. It's unfortunate be use my choice of cars and lifestyle don't match.

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My list is very Mazda and V8 heavy (or Jap/Americam/Australian), I kind of want something exotic... I just don't want the repair bill.

Some nice cars in there Gunnar. What are you after being on a Lexus forum?

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350 f Sport. I want to move away from out and out sports cars and into something a but sedate. I drove it one whilst it doesn't get my adrenaline running the same way as my Skyline it was still great in a different way.

I've driven a lot of different things over the years and there's only one car I've preferred to my Skyline and another two that I rate equally as nice (albeit for different reasons)

Do you have more pics of the muscle cars?

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Yes the Challenger is a 440 Six Pack. I still have that one. It sucks up my money before the Lexus gets to even thinking about it!

The Mustang was a 390. :)

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I only owned one car so far my 07 Lexus IS250, its my first car and its a great great car, love it so much! In the future when i graduate and get a proper job, i was hoping to get an Audi A6 3.0 TFSI supercharged Biturbo, Dual clutch S-tronic! It look so sexy and at the same time, so exhilarating with all the tech and power offered! and did i mention the 16 speaker bang and olufsen sound system?! its just great! GTR seems like a great option as well if i am ever gonna be successful. My dream car is a red Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus! God bless!

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1980 RA40 Celica (hence the username that I've used for 15 years :))

1976 KE30 Corolla

1989 AE92 SX Corolla Hatch

1987 AE92 FXGT Hatch - 2 door (Imported this one from Japan!) 205th AE92 ever made!

1994 JZA80 Supra NA

1993 AE92 CSi Corolla hatch (built up a quick 4AGTE for this one!)

1985 AE82 Corolla Sedan

1982 KE70 Wagon

1999 GXE10 IS200

2004 BA XR6 Ute (The odd one out on this list, only non Toyota/Lexus)

2002 GXE10 IS200 Caliente (number 36 or 75)

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76' Toyota Corona - this was all I could afford as a runabouts during my uni days in the early 90's. The audio system was worth more than the car itself..silly me but it was F.U.N..!!. Kept it for a couple of yrs before I got rid of it....to the wrecker for beer$$.

78'Nissan 200B - Still cash strap so bought this to replace my Corona. Didn't last as long.

86' Toyota Corolla Hatch - This was kinda mom/mine car. The engine kept going no matter how I mildly abuse'd it.

92' Camry Wagon (white) - Whitegoods on wheels.

04' Toyota Supra IV NA - Should have listened to my GF and think with my head and not my heart. Kept it for 12 months and took me the same amount of time to sell the damn thing at a 30% loss, and it was good riddance.

02' Honda CRV - bought this when it just came out in 02 and kept it for 7 yrs before I handed her over to a family member. Most reliable car I ever owned.

08' Lexus RX400h - my 1st Luxury car and I hope it won't be the last, but it'll be a while before I can afford to upgrade.

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