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Screeching Sound Coming From Engine Bay At Redline


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Hi All

Hope everyone is well.

When I redline my ISF in 1st gear, I hear a kind of screeching sound coming from the engine bay as I change to 2nd. I then redline in 2nd gear, and as I change to 3rd gear i again hear a screeching sound coming from the engine bay.

Do any of you ISF owners experience the same thing? I have my first service at around december and I was going to bring this up with the service centre then.

Just curious if this is a normal occurence or not. Having only 3800km's on the clock, i wouldnt think it's a worn belt or anything.


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That doesn't 'sound' right, mine doesn't do that. I'd take it to the dealer straight away and tell them the problem.

I wouldn't wait until Dec.

Thanks for the response Brisman.. Im down in melbourne for work (from tomorrow) for the week. I might bring the car in next week for them to check it out.

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Definitely whatever is wrong should be fixed under warranty. Have not had this issue with my ISF but have had it on a previous car with some serious HP. New drive belts can slip if not tensioned properly.

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Thanks for all your responses. I guess my concern is how I explain the situation to the service guys. If I said there is a screeching sound coming from the engine bay at redline, is that fairly descriptive for them to work out. Should I also mention to check the drive belts?

Im also kind of guessing that they are wanting to hear this for themselves so there will have to be a quiet stretch of road with no cops around to get the car up to speed.

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Drive belts slipping under load apparently.

Spot on. That's what I was going to post. It's not a major issue but sounds terrible.

Easy fix.



I had a look through some service material for a picture to show you where it is.


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