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Aloc Meet # 9

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Hi guys it's that time again!!!

Aloc Meet #9

Bring your IS Bring your CT's Bring your RX/ SC/ GS as long as it's got a lexus badge all is welcome!!

DATE: 4th of August 2012

Time: 1PM

Location: Rhodes car park

Doing: We will be hanging around for couple of hours

then head off for a good drive to Harry's in liverpool then head towards city way near botany for a nice photoshoot

at the end of the meet we will have a small BBQ at a private location!!

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ill be there for sure.

if its anything like the last one with not even relaesed models showing up is anything to go by it should be great,

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You might want to post this into the separate car sections as well... I didn't hear about this until Chris just mentioned it to me.

I only ever check the IS forum, so would never have seen this :(

That being said, I will be there!

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*BLEEP**BLEEP**BLEEP**BLEEP**BLEEP**BLEEP*. dont get my license back till the 13th... FML

might get peter to drive haha

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Hey what time will u guys plan to be at Harry's at Liverpool? I maybe able to drop by quickly!

Hey guys,

I live very close to Harry's so I mite skip Rhodes and meet you guys here, So a time would be Great

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NOT thu 4th july!!!!

NOT sat 4th may 2013!!!

I apologise for the clerical error that has so many confused!!

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