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Keen To Hear Opinions On Coil Overs


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Hey Guys,

keen to hear what you guys have done to your suspension on your ISF, i am booked in to get the coil overs in mid Jan 2013 with Lex of Chats but its not cheap over 4k. Keen to hear if anyone has had this done.

Apparently you get a different car back haha?

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been running BC V2 on my ISF and my 350

definately better than stock

much more controled

u really dont have much choise on coilovers for the ISF

for 4K id imagin it will be KWV3's

BC are good but not as good as KWV3

but for 1300-1400 new for the BC compared to KW

the KW's are not worth the extra 2.6K on top of the BC's

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Defintely interested to hear how you go, especially compared to the late model ride/handling compromise.

I'd actually like softer suspension in mine in the medium-term (it really is ok as is).

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Hi mate,

I have KWV3 on mine which are designed individually for each car on the Nurburgring ring. Great quality product made in Germany.

They are adjustable for height & have independent adjustments for rebound and compression. They can be complex to adjust but depending on what you're after they can be fine tuned to those specific needs. Basically set and forget. Mine is setup for 100% road use so on the softer side but less rebound than the OEM suspension. I hate that bouncy boaty feel the stock ISF has... the car settles allot faster on acceleration braking and on rough surfaces which gives you accurate control.

They can be tuned for occasional track use to Nurburgring set-up, which sacrifices comfort for handling. I mean Kidney bending ride on Sydney roads but amazing "tortness" on the track - All settings can be obtained from KW (City Performance) will set it up for you. IMO they are worth every penny and was my first mod on the car. Was 4K installed and aligned.

I've also used the KW cup series on my C63, which is pricy & more suited for track use only. approx 6K

ICODE use a Bilsteins custom setup which also looks the goods but also very exxy....6K These are real easy to adjust as they have on single tuning knob that controlls rebound and compression. I used them on my S3 some years ago...


I stayed away from teins as its no longer built in Japan, comes from the same factory in Taiwan where BC's are made...

Hope that helps


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Agree with Mikes comments on the KW. I had an issue with my first set replaced under warranty no questions and no problems since.

I agree the quality of the KW is a step up from the Tiens.

I am running a track set up at the moment. Not too bad on the daily commute but too stiff for some enthusisatic driving on back roads.

I am about to change the set up and have CPC put on the Figs engineering mega arms, toe links and stiffer bushings plus an ecentric upper bushing to get more front end camber.

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I'm also looking at coilovers. I had KW V3 on my RS5 and they were a pretty good ride, just need to find the right adjustment to suit your driving style. I have been deciding between BC, D2 and KW. Obviously the KW are a lot more expensive and probably better but since I don't track my car I may go the cheaper option providing they come with some sort of warranty. BC seem to have good reviews on club lexus

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