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Bacchus Lexus Isf Time Attack Build Thread

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Alrighty i think its about time i post this up on a full scale basis!

the car is a 2008 ISF base





Stripping down the interior


doors removed


removing the insulations and stuff

stripped the dash and cut it to pieces to fit under the cage


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stripped and ready for cage


while the car was gone i started working on the wiring

removing the SRS and NAV wiring




And the CAGE


after getting it back i started to strip down the front end removing all uneccesary parts such as A/C

shields washer bottles etc


Cage ready for painting now

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ECU and most other bits removed

the ecu is currently in japan in the hands of N O V E L tuning to increase the rev range and tune up the A/F ratios



Doors cut out for weight saving


seats and steering wheel *both sparco*


New OS giken LSD for the ISF

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thanks for all your kind words guys

alittle bit more of an update

new intake in the works

First off started modding the headlights

**dont be angry guys theres are damaged lights**



Front and rear of the headlight has been cut

ill be fabricating a carbon airbox using the holes from the headlight


test fit the dash

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i cant disclose that at this stage

im getting sponsorship prices

but i payed 4K+ each set even at sponsorship price

thats as much i can disclose

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Woah there Danny

You are one crazy Lexus owner.........you're more of a small private Lexus dealership than an owner.

I'm sure you've bought more IS-Fs than some country dealers have sold.

What happened to the IS250 you bought to build the race car from???? That's what you were doing before wasn't it?

Keep up the good work Dan.

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Very impressive. I can't wait to see it all come together. So great to see someone doing this privately with an IS F.

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bit of an update here

thanks to mike from FIGS!
Penske AFIK this is the 2nd set in the world!

new wheels as well
18" PF01's in matt black
9.5 F and 10.5 R
clears the brembos
Penske's installed and sitting on my spare wheels untill we get Semis on the PF01's

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more update

So!! another shipment from my good friend Mike @ Figs
2piece rotors! (F+R)
Kevlar bonnet mould ready (lining it up to see the best place to put bonnet vents)
bonnet weights 3kg
and front diffuser basic set up
lining it up to measure to side and wheel difference
all parts are made in Kevlar
Test fitting another set of wheels to see wheel and guard clearance
end product wont come as far as pictured as the diffuser will be cut where the wheels will be seated
Basic idea is to have a flat under tray in the engine bay
seats and interior all cleared cleaned up
my fav shot for now
Road F and Track F

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Epic Danny mate, pure car porn right there!

Is there a reason you went with the Racing Brake rotors and not the Novel ones?

Very interested to see how this beast goes on the track mate! Interested in the ECU tune as well!

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