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I'm looking to spray my calipers on my IS350 F the same colour or something as close to the orange calipers on the the new F line of lexus. If anyone knows where i can get the paint or something similar please let me know as ive searched all corners of the internet with no success. It seems like its just that shade of orange is no where to be found. I might try the dealer tomorrow but not sure how much luck ill have.


Pic for reference




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I saw the Brembo brakes but was told by a Lexus technician they wouldn’t fit. It doesn’t show the colour for sale but instead the page is simply a guide to fitting the isf brakes to a 3rd gen Gs arc and Is models which is fair enough I was looking to into doing this anyway. 


I ordered the vht paint also also but I had a look at the chart and wasn’t really convinced it was the same colour. It looks more of a blood orange than just a bright orange. I guess we’ll wait and see. 


The rs paint is for a spray gun it just comes in a bottle which is something I don’t have but it does give a much better finish. 

Thanks for the info really appreciate it!

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F sport do not come in the oragne

they are blue

more close to the flame blue colour


unless your talking about the GSF orange calipers

standard F sport 350 brakes are just steel grey colour with logo

that is painted with a F sport logo attached to it


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