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Any Recommend Alloy Wheel Repair Shop In Sydney Area ?

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Hi everyone I have screwed up my left front wheel while i was parking last week, can anyone please recommend a good alloy wheel repair shop and how much would that cost around ? I have attached a photo so can let everyone see what has been done. Cheers


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hey mate,

give these guys a go: http://www.mobilealloywheelrepairs.com.au/

I used them to repair my IS-F wheels and if you have a look in the IS-F section, you will find some pics of my repaired IS-F wheels.

They come to you and were the most reasonably priced out of all the places I went to.

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Hey sorry guys, so I have been away for overseas in the last few months, I have left the wheel as it is for a long time, and in order to save some money, I bought a "wheel repair kit" from UK, I would post my results after I done with it.


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Hi Guys

I just wanted to give a shout out to Greg at Magman Riverwood.

I damaged one of the wheels on my IS 350, Greg gave me the cheapest quote and did the best job.

As you can tell i'm a very happy customer.... :) :)

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