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Hello everyone:yes: 

I would love some help here and would be so much appreciated. I, myself after a long time have finally purchased my Lexus and saved every cent for it to finally now be in disbelief of what it's like to own one now, when it comes to service.

Everywhere I go to take it for a 75,000kms service are asking for $1,000 and above, no I tell a lie actually the cheapest was $950.

I don't understand, is this normal or am I just being tripped because I am a female and they think that females are so dumb?  

I am incredibly sadned with how some of these mechanics have dealt with me and there prices.

Can someone please refer me to a mechanic that deals with Lexus's and knows what they are doing and are honest?! Please, I will take it straight there!

Please, anyone,?!!! 

I am in Sydney, Panania 2213

🙁Thanks so much

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I get mine serviced at Lexus of Sutherland.Good service reasonable price.I always supply the engine oil 5W30 full synthetic.engine takes approx.,6.3 litres.

Here's a few quotes from mechanics in your area.Not sure what they're like.




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The general consensus around the forum seems to be to take the car to an authorized Lexus dealer for servicing. I've read a lot of posts where people state that they would generally not prefer to buy a Lexus that has not been serviced by an authorized Lexus mechanic (something you can keep in mind if you plan on selling your IS250 later on). Try ringing up Lexus of Sutherland and Lexus of Chatswood for quotes and make your decision from there. Please keep us updated!


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That price is what you would probably pay for any other similar type of car.

$950 sounds fair. Forget the female part, service costs are generally set by the system.


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It depends what needs to be done. If it's just a minor service, then $950 is ridiculous.

If you could tell us what they are quoting you for, then that would be a good way to see if you're getting taken advantage for.

That said, my service costs about $220 for a minor service, with my books stamped. I just can't justify paying more than double that just to have it serviced at Lexus.

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I would maybe suggest your Local Toyota dealership. Had mine done once at Toyota Noble Chullora.

Was $189 including oil filter + oil and anything else I could provide like filters could be added on top.

Lexus Sydney quoted me the same price as yours for my next service for 75000KM +. Just ended up doing the service myself.

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$950 to $1k does seem excessive given Lexus Parramatta quoted me $840 and thats for my ISF which is a much bigger engine, 10 litres of oil or near enough etc.  Thought it would be alot less for a 250.

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15 hours ago, ilv1004s said:

96368415 TNK automotive
has done many 2IS ISX50 and ISF's

cheap prices too

log book services too

Danny, thanks for recommending TNK. Have read all the glowing reviews about this place and keen to try them out on my next service. Just out of curiosity, do potential buyers get put off from buying a Lexus if it hasn't been serviced by an authorized Lexus dealer?

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some buyers do worry about it as they think lexus workshops seem to know what they are doing which is not the case in some areas

but generally new cars up to 4 years old i have seen some people who were hesitant to buy but after 4 years people dont even seem to care that it doesnt have log books lol

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