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Okay then if no one will post

ill post a mod i did tonight :D

IS350 4 pot brakes!!

Standard Is250 brakes So small and ugly



Rotors comparison IS250 vs IS350


Pic of the calipers




the car stops really really really well now nose drives lol

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Damn Dan!!

You could of told me when we spoke earlier! I would of come around to check out the workmanship brother. Ha! They are so much better. The extra cash that you outlayed on the rotors was well spent!!

Don't forget to bed them in brother. No heavy breaking for a bit! Did you put extra grease on the slide pins??

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nah too tired to do all that hahaha

i bedded them in well did a few hard brakes but not complete stop

it's the easiest and quickest way to bed them in..

stay tuned next is the HKS exhaust and Invidia mid pipes :D

but thats when i can be bothered to put em on lol

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chris.. can i be honest with you??

i think it'll look better tinted

perhaps. cant say ive really paid much attention or ever liked tinted. how can it be done?

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with a tint spray biggrin.gif

or a tint film..

but as long as your happy mate

u dont have to listen to my opinion LOL biggrin.gif

Lol never heard of spray blink.gif

I like them for now anyways. they do look better when your looking at the whole car and not just in the photos. and im not just saying that... lol they really do

I also like your new rotors. very nice

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@LEX51S, i got the same lights but the tinted version.

i was going to tint my reflectors but i gave up.

cool. did you tint them? to you have to put the film on inside? have you got another pic of them. what % is th tint?

lol sorry bout all the questions.

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the IS-F lights look freakin nice

how do u intall em?

i want to get some!

i'll probs buy all the mods i want for my car before i even get my IS250, :D

can it be done at home? or did u take it to some place and get it done there?

thanks a bunch!

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Not too sure on the amber bulbs (had no choice).

Any opinions on the Chrome plated bulbs?

FrankyX, I had some ebay chrome bulbs as well. I found they don't flash that bright during daylight and the colour of them were orange/redish colour when lit not to my liking. I don't recall the seller but I decided back to stock.

There's also LEDS that are yellow when lit though I've never tried these.

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oh ok


also, can u put the spoiler on ur self aswell?

I don't know yet, I know it should be bolted on, but i'm going to get a few quotes to get it installed properly. Otherwise I might just use 3M double sided tape.

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FrankyX where did you pick up the IS F tail lights from? I have a 2010 model and am considering redouts but not sure the L-Finesse style reverse indicator will look better/any good going down this path so really I'm looking at a full swap - not just the quarter panel component. Are your units LEDs? Thanks.

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