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Hi guys,

I'm really noob about mods for cars..and

Just wondering if you guys could give me some suggestion for mods for my car..

Should I go for a drop / not..

if yes.. how much..

Thank you,


and also ... if anyone have suggestion how to get an OEM HID.. and what's the price?



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Hi ilv1004s,

Thanks for your advice..

Do you where to get an HID Kit..? What kind of HID should I get..??

Should I get someone to install it for me??

Would it break my warranty though?? If I install the HID light..(coz it's an aftermarket..)

Sorry totally noob around this kind of stuff..

Would anyone interested to do an installation for me + HID kit.. (i'll pay..)

Please PM me..

Thank you..



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Of course a drop would be nice. depending on what you went, may compromise the ride quality, however the guys who have dropped can add more info to this and what they went with.

F-Sport seems to be a subtle and nice drop, but there are many other options out there.

Definately go HID's. No need to go OEM. You can buy a decent kit from HID Lighting - Arco Imports.

6000k is nice bright white with slight blue. 4200k is stock HID


I second ilv's exhaust / intake suggestion.

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Don't know when i will install my aftermarket 6000K, maybe after i get the car serviced (30000K).

As soon as it is done i'll post some pics.

There is a youtube on xenonsupply.com, looks pretty easy.

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lol, looks like my car

i'd say exhaust + intake first, then drop, then rims, if u really want (sport rims looks sexy IMO, and not as common as the 16's or 17's)

remeber to get matching parker lights for the HID's

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What's Parker light??

Do you know if we could change the bulb for the fog light as well??

As per PM...

Easy enough to change fogs & parkers. Fogs, just peel back wheel liner and a simple twist and change.

Parkers are in the same section as the high beams. Again, an easy twist and change.

I changed both fogs & parkers to white halogen. Wasn't keen on the LED look with the HID.

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