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Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!


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Thanks, guys, I'm gonna give some of this gear a go instead of McGuires or Autoglym.

I was using a leather cream but it kept getting into the wee holes in the seats, any suggestions. Will that 303 aerospace work instead?

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303 aerospace is good stuff on plastics. But the general rule of thumb is that you can use leather products on plastics aswell but not plastic products on leather.

I use this for all leather:


Shoot me a PM if you need any advice on which products to use. I have spent a small fortune on car detailing products over the years :P

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Hi everyone,

I just picked mine up yesterday from Lexus in Perth. I used to have a B6 Audi S4 and this car very different to my ISF. Both very good tho.



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Hi guys, Recently i had a Pro photo shoot done on my ISF, and as you can see this guy really catches the details of our gorgeous cars.







If you guys want some pics taken of your ISF, he also does bikes. let me know and i will post a link to his Facebook page..

Enjoy guys!

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Nice photos and super clean car.

What is the intake you have fitted? Looks nice.

Wish I could keep my car that clean all the time :)

Thanks mate.....

Intake is the Icode intake..

All my mates know how frantic i am with my car.....and how clean i like it .!

Thanks mate.!

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Envy you guys it looks good fun!

Feel like 'cinderella' with my is200 and so far no-one wanting to meet up in the port stephens area.

Maybe management can organise a meet in this part of the world ???


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